You must be wondering about what Flutter is. Flutter is an associate degree ASCII text file computer code development kit in hand by Google. However, it is utilized for the development of mobile applications. Just after its launch in 2017, it became one of the most amazing and most chosen platforms for developing apps all over.
However, if you observe how things have changed around the past decade, I can say that it has definitely marked the significance of flutter over the coming years when it comes to mobile app development and it is thereby proved that no other platform can withstand the features of flutter thereby making it irreplaceable. An app developer who has proper knowledge of development will obviously opt for Flutter App Development. Additionally, it has also been seen that entrepreneurs who start and build tech companies are making flutter app development a major unit of their company. So, let us study the cost of flutter app development in detail.

Which Company Should You Choose to Develop the App and Why?

Choosing between so many companies to develop your flutter app can be a difficult task though. Each company may not necessarily provide you with simple flutter developers. Therefore, the key points that you should keep in consideration while hiring a flutter app development company are:
develop your flutter app

  • 1. The company you choose should be the best among all the companies and should have top ratings along with good global ranks.
  • 2. Nobody else is going to pay you except the client, so he should get done with the simplest development of the Flutter mobile app.
  • 3. The consumer or shopper should have basic interaction with the developer of the flutter app.
  • 4. You must be ready to hire the developer or his team agreeing to their terms and conditions within a bare minimum of seconds.
  • 5. You need to get the most simple form of your flutter app ready.

While there are still some flutter app development corporations for the sake of development of code and apps outside.

Average Flutter App Development Cost

The prices for developing apps can depend on many factors such as the quality of alternatives and competitors, where the developers reside, the platforms that they will support or integrations, and much more. It is only possible to calculate the estimated worths by conducting a rough analysis considering all the required necessities. You can have research or you can conduct a type of short discovery session with your respective developer so that your wants and needs can work out and are sorted with clarity of what is needed and what is not. However, a roughly calculated and overall analysis of such apps show that they may range up to such rates as mentioned:
Taking a fitness app into consideration that may have straightforward options such as diet plans, personal profiles, weight diaries attached with calendars would approximately cost from $26000 to $34800.
If a traveler type app is taken into consideration, along with some voice calls, messages, audio messages can cost $34950 up to $48850
Developing a complicated app with many features such as Instagram or Facebook can range up to $41500 to $55000.
Factors affecting the price
While considering anything in this market world, the most part is played by the factors affecting the prices and rates.

Difference between Native App Development and Flutter App Development :


    • 1. When thinking and working on a basic app development project, the time that will be taken for the task is considered. While it is noted that Flutter is a cross-platform framework because of which it allows the creation of one code base for robots and iOS by the developers. Because of this, the time taken to build a flutter app is usually half than the time taken to build a native app. Here, it results in a lowering of price thereby serving as a benefit.


    • 2. However, Flutter does not give any problems while performing along with additionally being optimized code. It also provides a steady sixty independent agencies on every device and also one hundred twenty independent agencies only if the device supports.


  • 3. However, it has some disadvantages too. You are likely to face a problem if your project would require a Wear OS version or a good TV app. Technically, flutter apps can be built on many platforms but most of these development options of the flutter are not supported by Wear OS. Also, when it comes to associate degree robot TV, you will need to create management logic from the very beginning. This is all because robot TV read devices input solely, whereas Flutters work with touchscreens or mouse movements. This can trouble the developer and can cause the costing price to increase. That is why if you opt for the development of native apps, the best you could do is a travel and go for some targeting platforms. While some of the platforms that are compatible with Flutter are Wear OS and Android TV.

The complexity of options/features:

    • 1. Features anyways are the most important part of app development. Without extra features, an app would sound like a pizza without any toppings. However, simple options such as login require the minimum efforts while development whereas the mixing of video calls could almost take more than 2 to 3 weeks of the decided time.


  • 2. Suppose you are creating an app that is similar to Instagram. The feature that supports image transfer takes approximately 6 hours to complete. With a costing charge applied as $50 per hour, it would overall cost you $300.However, the development of filters for the required image would cost you around 80 hours more. A software company can charge up to $4000 for developing this feature.

Let us see some of the features, their descriptions, hours required to build them, and estimated cost.

    • 1. The navigation feature: The development of a location map is included in this and it takes around 300 hours of work with an estimated cost of $15000


    • 2. The chat feature: Here, in this feature video calls, audio calls, and text chat are availed which are developed in around 162 hours with an estimated cost of $8100


  • 3. Integration for payment: Here, the payment gateways are integrated with PayPal in which credit cards can be added, also withdrawing and sending funds can take place. It approximately takes 70 hours of work to build this feature and an estimated cost of $3500.

Location of Developers:

    • 1. Locations can have a heavily different impact on the cost of your flutter app development. Basically, it can vary to a great extent. For eg., in the USA, the hourly rate for common developers is $150-$200 per hour whereas it is $25-$50 per hour in Inland.

cost for your flutter app development

  • 2. In the information gathered below, you will be able to take note of the hourly rates of developers and compare them with one another. Here are they:


  • – North America: $150-$200 per hour
  • – Latin America: $50 per hour
  • – Western Europe: $25-$50 per hour
  • – Eastern Europe: $25-$50 per hour
  • – Ukraine: $25-$50 per hour
  • – India:$40 per hour
  • – Australia:$100-$150 per hour
  • – Africa: $40 per hour

However, if you are deciding to proceed with your project, you should mostly check out more deeply about the rates in Ukrayina. It is an outsourcing destination, as well as the rates of service here, are reasonable and there is much quality in work done. This place has a Brobdingnagian talent pool, so you can consider getting your expectations and demands fulfilled at this place ultimately.
However, it has three business models that are full-time hiring, part-time hiring, and hourly hiring. While, payment here is given on a monthly basis and contact between client and developer is established through Email, Skype, or phones. Also, working hours are 8 for a single day and 5 days for a week.

Average costing of flutter developers across the globe

However, if observed on a global basis, the average value of hiring flutter developers can range between approximately $55-$65 hourly. But, there are some countries that charge more than usual rates such as North American countries and European countries. However, there are more Asian-based developers.
While some Asian countries like China and India have less rates for the development of flutter apps that are usually under $50 per hour along with China having its own legal policies for renting developers.
While, in India, the population is abundant. Also, there are no such restrictions on the timing of work. Additionally, there are many choices. They can work at any timings and that can be simply calculated and estimated.

Costing Price to Hire a Flutter Developer in 2021

While, if we move forward for marking prices, it is seen that corporate sectors decide different factors while estimating prices that can be easily understood and can be applied. As a clear and simple structure is defined within a system, the corporate sectors do not wish to have any hidden charges. They provide the best services at reasonable prices and expenditures. To get a flutter developer hired or a team of flutter developers, you should definitely contact the specific company that you have chosen. Additionally, for the regular developers of flutter, the basic price for a flutter developer starts from $23 per hour and changes and varies according to your criteria and list of features to be added or developed.
Additional Prices
Basically, when it comes to an app there are many extra things required for the app to perform excellent and stable in the market, such as timely updates, launching of apps, and many such similar requirements. Let us talk about some such features that are additionally required and cost extra prices:
Additional Prices
Server Area:
However, when it comes to the processing and storing of the information generated by the user, server issues should not come in between and act as a loophole. Because weak servers provide low performance which could gradually increase the rates more. Also, the servers on which we can’t rely and which carry vulnerabilities can result in the leaking of personal and confidential details of users thereby threatening their securities. To lower the chances of risks, you can get support through reliable suppliers like Amazon EC2, which is consistent with the AWS worth calculator and a full day active server with an 8 core CPU and 32 GBs of RAM could cost up to $1650 for a year. You should keep these expenses in mind so that when you estimate the cost of flutter app development, you remember to consider it.
UX/UI Style:
Mostly the navigation of mobile apps, typography, and color schemes create a problem for UI/UX designers. Also, additionally, they should provide you with a sample model of your app on a prior basis. However, when it comes to the quality and developing features of the app, the style can take around 20 to more than 300 hours for building depending on the variations required. This can usually cost more and increase the rates of flutter app development from $1000 to $15000.
Release to app stores:
When your app is fully developed, you will look towards launching it on different platforms. While Google Play and the App store are the major and amazing platforms with abundant audiences. So, you need to launch your app here. However, for launching your apps on the platforms, these platforms charge fees from you. However, the one-time fee to be paid for your app to get launched on Google Play is $25.While the apple store costs $99 per year. Also, additionally, if you want your app to be launched for internal use at different intervals of your company or community, it can cost you up to $299 per year. However, the fees for Google Play remain constant. Also, all platforms have a separate half-hour fee for single in-app purchases. If your app is being distributed through a subscription model, you will just get 70% of the initial cost. However, both the play stores have however changed their policies up to an extent.
App Maintenance and Updates:
However, the most downloaded apps and the most trending ones are rocking in the markets as well as among the audience because of certain reasons. Their interaction with shoppers from different markets is constant and they keep adding new features and keep upgrading them for smooth use. However, even if your app is much good, not updating it according to current times may cause many problems and also leave you behind in this competing world. All you can do is hire a good individual or a team to maintain the app. You can simply hire the company that has built it because they know everything from start and it will be easier for them. If this is not possible, get complete in detailed documentation of your app. This probably can affect the life of other developers and also lead to utilization of less time. However, you need to know that these prices rise from time to time. And if you are hiring the same company that developed your app, they will charge around 15 to 20 % of the flutter app development price for maintaining it. However, the longer your app remains stable with the audience, you will have to put extra money for updates. However, your app will generate additional revenues more than loss, so it is a necessary investment that is going to pay you and maximize your profits once your app starts standing out in the markets. Also remember that, even with newly added features and options, there will be some loopholes and vulnerabilities. However, you cannot simply then bounce into solution finders and you cannot even ignore it as doing so will become an advantage for fraudsters. However, there are many software companies that provide technical support after the release of apps such as testing, finding solutions to your problems, and also sometimes new features.
Also, this is mostly observed that support is sought from alternative developing firms, but it can become much simpler if the app developer company itself handles it and as a result, the costing can also be discounted or cut off if cooperation is constant.
Pricing for development: In different ways
However, we all noticed each and every factor that affects the rate of flutter app development. Well, now it’s time to proceed towards creating an outline for different types of apps.
So, to make it less working and easier for you we have estimated the costs of each type of app that resides in markets and industries.
Here, I am talking about :

  • Transport app
  • Streaming app
  • Social Media app

Flutter App Development Cost: Transport

  • Examples: BlaBlaCar
  • Time: 462 – 632 hours
  • Cost: $23,100 – $31,600

User profile, driver’s and passenger’s roles, payment entranceway, and GPS support are all required by transport apps. Imagine that if you utilize Flutter to make native options like geolocation, the project development time might rise.
Mind that the estimates below do not embody time for code documentation, frameworks integration, project management, and more. That’s a rough estimate for options completely.
Flutter App Development Cost: Streaming
Examples: Twitch, Periscope, YouTube Live
Time: 760 – 914 hours
Cost: $38,000 – $45,700
The streaming app can be a difficult piece of a software system. It needs your development team to use streaming protocols (which aren’t Flutter’s robust side), develop a text chat for communication with the audience, push notifications, use smartphone cameras, and more. a number of them have donation systems, multiple integrations with third-parties, and even paid emojis. That is why it becomes difficult to develop such apps.
Flutter App Development Cost: Courier

  • Examples: Facebook courier, WhatsApp, Telegram
  • Time: 699 – 950 hours
  • Cost: $34,950 – $47,500

Messengers have simple options, initially look, however, a close analysis report and much more if looked at minutely. Integration of chat with numerous statuses (typing, online/offline, reading), file transfers, audio messages needs a major quantity of your time. If you add voice calls and cluster chats, it will become more complicated and in turn, will take more and more time because of which prices may reach great heights.
Now, after reading everything, I am sure you must have understood how to calculate and how to estimate costs for flutter app development. However, let us keep in mind the key points. The factors that affect the rates of flutter app development are the complexity of features, number of alternatives or options, the location of the development team, rates of code development. Also, do not forget about some additional expenses such as rent of server, design, prices for support, and maintaining the app. So, while concluding on this part, it is very necessary for the client to interact with the developer and only after studying, calculating everything, choose the best suitable company. However, after reading so much, you must be wondering if I will suggest you hire any company. Well then, if you wish to get your mobile app made, you should hire experienced developers from Zestminds.
Zestminds is a renowned IT company that has the most talented and innovative team of engineers. Basically, they manage all the tech stuff of the businesses so you can give them the heart of any business. It specifically works for small startups, tech businesses, and also midsize businesses. So, as they are specialized in the tech field, you can expect to have the best flutter app developer here. So, why are you waiting? Go and just contact Zestminds, the one with brilliant minds!



1. How much will it cost to create a Flutter app?

Taking a fitness app into consideration that may have straightforward options such as diet plans, personal profiles, weight diaries attached with calendars would approximately cost from $26000 to $34800.
If a traveler-type app is taken into consideration, along with some voice calls, messages, audio messages can cost $34950 up to $48850.
Developing a complicated app with many features such as Instagram or Facebook can range up to $41500 to $55000.

2. How much will it cost to rent a Flutter app developer in 2020?

However, the actual price totally depends on the location, and expertise of the developer. However, in the USA, the cost for development per hour is $150 to $200 while in countries like Japan and India, it costs up to $15 to $50 per hour.
The factors that greatly influence the development of your flutter app are:

  • Variety of options made available
  • Complexity of options
  • Location of developers
  • Precisely, it will depend on all about what you need to avail for your app.


3. What extra factors affect the general Flutter app development cost?

Design, server area, release on app stores, maintaining apps are all the extra factors that affect the development cost of the flutter app.

4. How to calculate the Flutter app development cost?

To calculate the Flutter app development price you’ve got to perform the multiplication of developers’ time and their hourly rate which in turn will give price as the product.

5. What options will considerably increase the Flutter app development cost?

It can take three hundred hours of development time and approximately $15,000 for navigation features. Chat is another feature that takes up to one hundred sixty hours and approximately
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