The growth in technology is at an all-time high in today’s time. It all started with the up-gradation in the ways of the web development process around the planet, and today it is all about virtual reality, augmented reality, and smart apps. If you are an enthusiast in the arena of applications, then you must have an idea about the importance of “Node.JS Development” It is one of the most trending subjects in today’s time and plays a crucial role in business improvement. Node.JS Development company is undoubtedly the buzzword today because of this.
If you are in search of a Node.JS development company or a Node development company for your organization, you must have understood by now that it is a pretty challenging job. The company you are opting for should fit in the community and also have the required skill set. It is imperative to check the experience they hold in web development. Thus you need an accurate approach in order to find a seasoned Node.JS development company.

In this article, we will be listing the top crucial tips that you should keep in mind when hiring a Node.JS development company. But before that, let us know a bit more about what exactly is Node.JS.


Some Background About Node.JS

Node.JS is a cross-platform, open-source, and back-end JavaScript runtime ecosystem. It executes the JavaScript code out of the web browser. With Node.JS, developers can use javascript in order to write the tools of the command line as well as for the scripting on the server-side. This is basically running the script server-side for producing dynamic content for the web page before it is directed to the web browser of the user.
Typically, Node.JS signifies and symbolizes a “JavaScript everywhere” pattern and unifies the web app development around one single programming language in place of using various languages for the client-side and server-side scripts.
Some Background About Node.JS Developers
Despite the fact that .js is the usual filename extension used for the code of JavaScript, the name “Node.JS” is not referring to the specific file in this very context. It is just the product name. Node.JS has an architecture that is event-driven and is pretty much capable of asynchronous I/O.
The aim of these choices of design is to optimize scalability and throughput in the web app with numerous input/output operations and also for the real-time web apps. (For Example, real-time browser games and communication programs).
The distributed development project of the Node.JS was earlier driven and directed by the Node.JS foundation. Now it is integrated with the JS foundation so as to form the OpenJS Foundation. Linux Foundation’s Collaborative Projects Program facilitates it. Node.JS has a billion-plus download and thrives in developing microservices, Internet Of Things, and real-time apps. It is gaining grip over the industry much faster than any of the other technologies that prevail in the market, making it one of the most demanded developer skills.
The most crucial benefits of Node are:

– It makes the process of building high-traffic apps and real-time apps really quick (For Example, Gaming Or Chats).
– With Node, you can code in JavaScript for the client as well as the server-side.
– It also improves the efficiency in the process of development as it fills in the gap that comes in between the front and the backend developers.
– The booming Node Package Manager (NPM) gives the developers numerous modules and tools to use that helps in boosting productivity.
– With Node, the execution of code is much faster than any language.
– It works perfectly for the microservices that are a famous solution amidst the enterprise apps.

The first as well as the most crucial fact that makes Node.JS a very common choice amongst software engineers is that it is built around JavaScript. It is taken into consideration for taking the topmost position amongst the commonly preferred programming language as maintained by GitHub. As many of the developers have by this time worked with JS; thus, the transition to Node.JS can be considered discreet.
The second advantage of Node.JS is its speed of code execution. It allows the creation of highly scalable and efficient apps. The reason behind it is the V8 engine that is used in Chrome. The next advantage is the fact that hosting is never a problem when it comes to Node.JS. Due to its all-time high usage, various cloud-based providers and servers support the Node.JS apps.
With all this set of advantages that Node.JS has to offer, its popularity is pretty obvious. So hiring a Node.JS developer will automatically boost the number of projects you can get developed. More often than not, when people hear about Node.JS, the only thing that comes to their mind is the web development while they forget about various other types of software that are successfully built with the help of this technology ranging from command-line tools, I/O bound apps to GUI builder, package managers and a lot more.
All of these constitute the main reasons why most of the IT companies wish to expand their team by hiring Node.JS developers. But if you are looking forward to hiring a Node.JS developer, it is imperative for you to analyze each and every applicant thoroughly. This is because it is a pretty cumbersome task to opt for one amongst a considerable number of specialists.
Now that you know all the advantages that Node.JS has to offer, the next important question that follows is how to hire a seasoned and efficient Node.JS development company or a Node development company that can help you in leveraging all your strengths in this programming language. We will try to list out the most imperative skills that a Node.JS developer must know so as to become an attractive candidate.
Though Node.JS was released in 2009, it became famous and widely used from the year 2014. So in this short span of time, you cannot look for developers with a really long experience, and it is pointless to take it as a parameter while opting for Node.JS development services. So to make it easy for you, we are listing the essential skills to look for in a Node.JS developer.

  • – 3 to 4 Years Of Experience
  • – Knowledge Of REST APIs
  • – Command Of Node.JS Frameworks (, Express.JS, Koa.JS, Nest.JS, etc.)
  • – At the minimum, intermediate skills of Front-End Development (Angular Or React)
  • – In-Depth Mastery Of Databases (MongoDB, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, MySQL)
  • – Knowledge of using various features that can enable good app security
  • – Mastery in error handling process

Nevertheless, even if an IT expert doesn’t have all the required knowledge, it does not mean that they cannot learn it. This is again an incredible benefit of Node.JS that it is super easy to learn new skills because it is built on JavaScript that is pretty famous amongst the programmers.
Now let us go more into the details of the technologies that are crucial for a seasoned Node.JS developer to know. Frameworks can make the development process a lot more easier and convenient, making its knowledge a brownie point. The most used Node.JS frameworks are Metero.JS, Feathers.IO, Express.JS, Koa.JS, Nest.JS, as well as others. These competencies are enough for someone who isn’t a much advanced Node.JS developer.

Things To Look For When Hiring A Node.JS Development Company

Things To Look For When Hiring A Node.JS Development Company

  • Expertise In Runtime Environment

Even though Node.JS isn’t a segment of JavaScript, it is one of the initiatory elements of the prime paradigm, which is based on usage. In contrast to any other language, Node.JS is the one with its own platform and functions. It is imperative to opt for a Node.JS development company that understands the functionalities of Node.JS. The specialists in the arena of Node.JS development know about both the pros as well as cons of the runtime ecosystem. The company should also know about how to fix and solve issues or any other errors. Thus, a piece of good knowledge about the run-time environment plays a crucial role.

  • Understanding Of JavaScript

One of the most crucial requirements to hire a Node.JS developer is the understanding they possess of JavaScript. If the developer lacks the proper knowledge of Node.JS, then it will have a direct impact on the programming. Generally, when it comes to the server-side, JavaScript is akin to a browser. This proves out to be a prime benefit as the majority of Node.JS developers have experience of working in an akin environment or framework. The prospective development company should be accustomed to small variations in the language. Make sure that the developers are well-versed with the entire model of the Node.JS development and should also understand the ubiquitous parts of JS that are used in the majority on various platforms.


    Knowledge Of The Front-End Trend And Technologies


When it comes to front-end development, the three prime pillars are JS, HTML, and CSS. A front-end developer works towards making the experience of the users better and brings JavaScript and HTML to life. The developer creates the tools that are necessary for the enhancement in intercommunication with the website or browser. This also helps in the maintenance of the workflow management of software and tests a website for bugs and usability. A Node.JS developer should have a complete idea about JavaScript Development. Apart from the CSS and HTML, too should be a skill that a Node.JS developer possesses.


    Parallel Programming


Node.JS is a pretty complex programming model, and thus, it is imperative to opt for a Node.JS Development Service that understands the notion of the delegates that will invoke when there is a failure in execution of the routine. An input/output mode or the parallel programming model helps in reducing the time for waiting when the requests are made. This helps in the excellent execution of various functions concurrently in an efficient manner. If the prospective company does not have an understanding of the workarounds, no actions can be performed and can also prove to be a barrier in writing a competent code.


    Mastery In Node.JS Framework


The design of the framework is such that it enhances the run-time ecosystem functionality. Before opting for a Node.JS development company, you should ask about the expertise and skills of the prospective company in the framework. If the prospective company is well-versed with Koa.JS or Tota.JS, then they are pretty good at handling the frameworks. The majority of the Node.JS app development companies are experienced with the MVC frameworks like Rails or StrongLoops. Make sure that you have an idea about the experience level of the company you are hiring. The skills of the framework of Node.JS get improved through both the client-side and server-side framework. Thus the company that deals with the frameworks of the ecosystem can fetch you great results.


    Developing The Database Schemas For Supporting The Process


Your prospective company should have an idea of managing various databases because, without this, a Node.JS application cannot be developed. Other than creating various database schemas supporting the business process, the company should also integrate various data sources in a single system that works seamlessly. This is a crucial skill for the creation of various apps that serves the workflows of a company. The creation of various database schemes can prove to be a brownie point.


    Data Protection Attribute


In recent times of digital transformation, one of the most prevalent issues that have arisen is security. So if in case your data isn’t secured or protected, then chances are you might get your data hacked. Less security causes a compromise in versatile data. For ensuring the safety of your data, it is imperative to implement data protection. It is crucial for building both web software and apps. The company you are looking forward to must be protecting the data in such an efficient manner that there are no data breaches. They should be seasoned in the arena of data protection to make sure complete security in the web development process.


    Experienced With RESTful API’s


The company you opt for should have good knowledge of interpreting the API codes that already exist and then adapt its use in certain projects. This helps in handling multiple systems and projects at the same time. The company of your choice should have the skill set of creating custom app programs on the basis of the technology called REST. Thus it is imperative to have great expertise in the API for the process of development of Node.JS.


    Verify And Authorize The Users


For projects with multiple systems, servers, and environments, proper web application security with the authorization and verification of users is relevant. A reliable Node.JS development company must be attentive about the overall features regarding security as well as the prime principles of the security when it comes to web development.


    Properly Managing The Issues


Managing the errors form a fundamental part of web development. The web development you wish to hire must have an idea of when to crash, log, retry, or continue. It is also imperative to figure out if they are good with troubleshooting processes and syntax applications. Experience too plays a pretty crucial role, so the prospective company must have experience of around t3 to 4 years.

Important Things To Do Before You Hire Node.JS Developer

Important Things To Do Before You Hire Node.JS Developer

1. Make An Outline Of Your Requirements

Before assessing the skills of the company you want to hire, it is imperative for you to draft the needs. Having an idea of the requirements of your project can make it easy for you to map it to your potential company. This will also help in filtering out the proposals you get.
Out of all the fundamental knowledge of the language that the development team poses, it is imperative for them to know:

  1. – Knowledge of the Agile and Scrum methodologies
  2. – The ability to write the integration testing codes.
  3. – Detailed understanding of the prevalent front-end technologies
  4. – The capability of coding complicated designs
  5. – Experience of coding in GitHub

Along with these few must-haves, the additional brownie point is an experience of your product niche. Depending on the project, your team should also have an idea of things like Databases, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc.

2. Opt From Where You Want To Hire

Now that you have figured out the blueprint of your project and the budget you can afford so now it’s time to figure out the type of developer that will fall right in the budget you thought.

  1. – Freelance Developers
  2. – In-House Developers
  3. – Development Company

Though freelancers are a pretty affordable option, finding a remote developer is not an easy task. Even if you are successful in finding one, you constantly have to stay in touch in order to track the development progress, which is a tiresome task because communication is a significant issue for freelancers. In the scenario where you have important information to pass on an urgent basis, quick communication is doubtful.
Opt From Where You Want To Hire NodeJS Developer
The next option is the in-house developers, which requires you to have an office space with adequate space for the accommodation purpose. This solution will not work for you if you are someone working in the coworking ecosystem or a startup scenario.
The last option you can opt for is an app development company. It would not be an over-exaggeration to say that this option is one step ahead as compared to the other two. They offer an on-time delivery with top-tier quality. Having a developer team lets you work with various people with a plethora of skills and knowledge that can add quality to the project. What makes this even better as an option is a maintenance and support it has to offer.

3. Work Experience

One of the most vital aspects, when you look forward to hiring someone, is the work experience. You need to analyze the past projects that the individual developer or the company managed. This will give you a clear idea of their capabilities. The hiring process gets a lot simpler when their experience lies in the domain you belong to. But if not, you should look at their past projects and get an idea of how they function, thus narrowing down the proposals to choose from.

4. Technology Stack Or Programming Skills

If you wish to opt for an individual developer, you need to ensure that you assess all the technical skills. If you are someone who is not much aware of the technology, then you can opt for technical help. It is best to conduct technical tests for effectively assessing the skill set of the developer. But if you wish to hire a company, then it is best to check the technology stack. Give a look at the technologies used by them when building an app. You can also ask them to show real-time examples of how they applied the technology. This is the best way of analyzing the technical capabilities of the company.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know all the important stuff that can help you in making the accurate choice when employing the Node.JS developers or a Node.JS development company, hopefully, you will opt for the one that will work the best for your company and will fetch you the best possible results with a successful project. If you wish to outsource the service, it is best to contemplate the country you should look for specialists from. You should also have an estimate of the amount you are willing to spend and the duration within which you want your project to be delivered. Because of the popularity that Node.JS has, finding the one with the skills you require is an achievable task that requires detailed analysis and considerations of various factors.
If you are looking for a Node.JS development company, then your search ends right here. Zestminds is a leading and seasoned web and mobile app development company with years of experience. You can get in touch with us for your queries at, and we will get back to you.
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