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The modern business landscape is highly influenced by mobile applications. The apps and software that are being created have the potential to influence the survival and sustainability of the modern business. In fact, today, the use of mobile app technology can help a business to gain a competitive advantage over its industry rivals.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning


AI is one of the core technological elements that has captured the attention of the global business community. The integration of AI with Machine Learning could help businesses to learn about customer behaviour through their day-to-day usage patterns. Some of the other future trends relating to AI technology include voice and language translations and AI-enabled face lock mechanism.


Internet of Things (IoT)


The rise in demand for smart things has accelerated the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. IoT can act as the perfect customer-oriented solution that can make its presence in diverse industries and sectors. Some of the Key IoT-related trends that could influence businesses in the future include Artificial Intelligence-enabled IoT devices and smart homes.


Mobile Wallets


The increase in eCommerce and online banking has boosted the online payment model. This trend is likely to continue in 2020 as well. The mobile wallet scene might explode in the future. The arrival of Apple Pay and Google Wallet shows that digital payment would undergo significant changes in the future. The key things to watch out for include more secure mobile wallets and contactless payment transactions.


Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology could provide a unique approach to safety and security. This trend would enable businesses to strengthen the mobile platform and earn loyal customers. Blockchain-powered applications can give rise to numerous benefits for businesses, such as improved transparency and minimized risk of data or information loss.


5G Wireless Technology


5G technology is going to be one of the most popular and impactful mobile app development trends. 5G could revolutionize mobility for good. The trend would not just increase the speed of the network. It is likely to assist businesses to upgrade other functionality of applications with regards to speed, data security, and the addition of new features in the mobile app.




Wearable technology is rapidly growing all across the globe. The unique technological advancement has altered the overall digital experience of the users. Individuals can use these innovative gadgets to communicate and engage. In the business context, businesses need to work along with app developers so that they can deliver a delightful digital experience to the target market audience.


Beacon Technology


Beacon-enabled applications will show the users where they can get the preferred products and other specifications. Thus users can get valuable information on various aspects such as sales and ongoing promotions that might be relevant for them. Business firms can use this innovative technology to gain valuable insight into their target customers.


Augmented Reality


In 2020, augmented reality could be used in mobile apps for practical purposes. For instance, innovative technology can be used for various purposes relating to navigation, interior design, and user manuals. Businesses in varying sectors and industries can use augmented reality in their software to improve the ultimate user experience.




In the mobile app arena, chatbots have already made their presence felt as they influence communication and engagement. In 2020, chatbots could act as a vital interlink between customers and marketers. The technology would ensure that business activities can be carried out smoothly, even without a human to human interaction. The technology could revolutionize the concept of customer engagement and give an edge to businesses that have chatbot features in their mobile software.


Instant Applications


Instant mobile apps could help businesses to reach out to the target customers who have not downloaded and installed their applications. These applications would primarily give users an insight into the complete version of the software. This trend would enable Android and iOS app developers to get a higher conversion rate as compared to standard mobile applications.




The year 2020 could bring about a transformational change in the business landscape. The major trends in mobile app development could change the competitive space for businesses. Businesses need to upgrade their technology so that the latest mobile app trends can be used to gain a competitive advantage.

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