Top App Mistakes to Avoid Post App Launch

Top App Mistakes to Avoid Post App Launch

We have heard stories about many young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs eager to launch their applications on mobile phones and run a successful career. But not everyone can achieve that. While some succeed, others face failure. Why does this happen? We are here to answer this question of yours. Most people mistakes post launching their mobile application. They might be so simple that you wouldn’t have even realized it. But we did. Not only that, we are here with solutions for your mobile app launch mistakes as well.

Let us discuss the Post Launch App Mistakes which needs to be Avoided:

1. Have a plan in your mind
Having a plan for your business is an essential thing, which most people neglect. This is the main reason for failure. Over seventy to eighty percent of people fail in their projects due to lack of planning. 
Have a Plan
Next, you must enjoy even the small wins, for you and your team. You must motivate your employees, with incentives and gifts. This will motivate them to work hard and stay loyal to you. This is also an excellent way to promote your app as this gives a solid work drive to your employees.
2. Marketing
Post-launch mobile app marketing is a variable concept. For some, marketing can be easy, and marketing is the toughest thing to do. However, marketing in the right direction is essential. Marketing for a personal profile is very different from marketing for applications. There is a list of things that you need to keep in mind.
Within marketing, the other common mistake that we have seen people make is that they do not market in the right direction. For example, if you have a local business, like a tuition class, and you have been wasting a larger amount of your time, effort and resources, on marketing over national or international social media platforms, it is a waste. 
Post-launch mobile app marketing
To overcome this problem, you need to come up with a draft and a budget. Next, you need to divide your budget as per your marketing needs into marketing needs before and after the launch of the application. You need to conduct proper research on the type of content you need to post for promotional activities. 
Influencers are a great way to reach out to a larger chunk of people. Identify your prospects and future clientele. Your marketing should mainly focus on this group of people. You can think of games, surveys, or campaigns to introduce your product to people for a better reach. People who can interact more with your company are most likely to use and purchase your product or services.
For the problem of local business, as we discussed above, you must rather target local ways of marketing alongside. For example, bulletin boards, influencers, brand and campus ambassadors might be a better approach, along with digital media marketing, focusing on the local niche.
3. Dream big, but set achievable goals
Plan your goals, says everyone. But no one told you to keep a check on the goal you set, did they? People often overestimate themselves and set targets that are not achievable. This brings over a negative aura in your work field. Demotivation is what follows in this situation.
Plan your goals
Setting ladder goals, that is, goals with small steps, is the solution to this. You can even divide your goals into daily goals, weekly goals, and yearly goals. Doing so will help you see events differently. You can easily determine which goals are then reasonable and which aren’t. If you are setting goals for a short period, there shall be a drive within you to guide you for achieving them.
For example, if you set a goal of, say hundred registrations a month, you will start feeling lazy after a while, and postponing your work till the last date knocks on your door. Instead, set a goal of three registrations a day and a reward for yourself when you achieve the final target of hundred registrations a day. This seems like better motivation, doesn’t it?
4. Lack of resources in terms of data 
When you launch a product, much before you realize it, the product must have already selected its market. Not accepting this fact and promoting your application will be a disaster evenly amongst all age groups.
You must identify the demographics of the audience who would be more interested in your application. You must see the insights and create campaigns targeting the audience who would be more interested in your application.
launch a product
For example, if you are launching a dating website, you must channelize seventy percent of your marketing funds, aiming at the age group of young adults. We surely don’t see most of our grandparents swiping left and right on the dating applications, do we?
5. Optimization of the App Store
App Store Optimization is also known as the ASO. They provide you with guidelines as to how your application should be like. Various publishing platforms issue these guidelines. Applications made keeping in mind the ASO and following its policies are shown to users within the feature or the recommendation section. This increases the chances of the users to download and use your application. Developing an app that isn’t ASO friendly will be a big mistake, in our opinion.
App Store Optimization (ASO)
It would be best if you did your research on ASO-friendly applications. There are specific details on the name of your app, words that are important to be used in the description, for instance, the keywords, etc. it is also essential to collect customer feedback and be rated on the positive side. This will help you boost the reach of your application as well. You can even look for a custom mobile app development company to curate an ASO-friendly app for you.
6. Brand name
One of the most common mistakes that we have seen people make is selecting the name of their product. Your logo and name speak a lot about your company. Think of this as free marketing. If your customers read your company’s name somewhere and can’t correlate it with the product, they are less likely to return to your application in the future.
A brand name is the prime mobile app launch strategy that you have in hand. While naming your application, you must think of something catchy, easy to understand, and easy to remember. You can even conduct regular surveys to help understand your customers’ perspectives and implement changes accordingly.
Here is a special tip. Along with a brand name, you must also focus on an attractive logo and the colors you use in your logo. It is as important. Colors speak a lot about your brand. A logo filled with too many colors is not advisable. Another thing that you must keep in mind, is a tagline.
7. No feedback collection
When your app is in the market, there can be several ways to why the customers didn’t like it. It is almost difficult to predict this. The only way to understand what went wrong is to hear about it directly from the horse’s mouth. If you do not have a way to collect feedback from your customers, your journey can turn to hell.
If you do not wish your customers to rant publicly about your product, give them a private place to do so. You must add a feedback form within the application. Apart from this, you must also conduct surveys and campaigns to understand what your customers have to say about your app.
The most important part is that you should be willing to accept their negative feedback positively and seriously. You must take time to thank them for their input and come back with a positive solution. This will make your customers feel important and heard. They are more likely to come back and re-use your app.
8. Making use of old software
The rate at which technology is changing these days is unmatchable. However, it would be best if you kept up with it. Once you are out of the game, it will become almost impossible for you to return. For instance, as the world progressed from 3G to 4G software, mobile companies unable to keep up with this change were slowly eradicated from the system.
3G to 4G software
To avoid this problem, you need to be prepared and study the current updates on the software. You must keep in mind that you must conduct periodic software checks on your application to update the system or catch a bug. This is an essential step that you must take every once in a while.
9. Not developing a microsite.
What is a microsite, and how will it help to promote my app? This is probably what you are thinking at this point. When you create an independent web page or a bunch of them, other than your webpage for its promotion, it is known as a microsite. This is an excellent marketing strategy, which many people fail to comprehend.
A microsite can help you boost the sales of your app as you would never have imagined. The best way is to attach blogs with it, which speak specifically about your product. You can talk about why your app should be used and what its features are. Along with it, you can attach a call to action button, which is a direct link to the application.
Once this microsite ranks in the search engine, your app downloads will increase drastically. You can even collaborate with other bloggers or microsites and attach a call to action button to download your app over their web pages. This will help in reaching a larger mass at a faster rate. Within your microsite, you can even attach screenshots to demonstrate step-wise usage of your application. You can even attach audios or videos to increase engagement with your customers.
10. Underestimating the power of social media
In our opinion, this is the stupidest mistake that most people make. Social media marketing is the cheapest way to reach international customers.
hire a social media manager
You can hire a social media manager or a person who has good insights into social media marketing. You can even collaborate with influencers who have a good reach in the type of market you are interested in.
11. Ignoring the discovery platforms
Not connecting your app with various discovery platforms is another mistake an amateur makes regularly. Discovery platforms have the potential to make your app reach people who might be interested in your product, service, or app, but it probably unaware of your app.
A discovery platform will help you by featuring your app to a target audience. They use their cookie data and browser history to show them applications they might be interested in. If a person is remotely looking for an application similar to yours, or if a person is searching for services or products offered at your platform, your app will be shown to them.
12. Not involving your users in your activities
Apps which involve their customer with their activities and give them regular updates and notifications are more likely to succeed than apps which do not practice this.
You must give regular updates to your users about the various products or services that you are offering. You can even create fun games or campaigns to keep them involved. This will urge them not to uninstall the app but rather invite their friends and family to install it.
13. Even lay your hands on offline marketing.
With the world turning towards digital usage, a lot of people have blind-sided the use and benefits of offline marketing. But we urge you not to be one of them.
Offline marketing can reach more people than you imagine. You can take the help of magazines and newspapers to get a larger group of people around the country. Or you can focus on billboards if your app is more concentrated within a particular locality.
benefits of offline marketing
Offline marketing is the best option for all the businesses that are meant only for the people staying nearby or in a particular locality, like tuition classes, dance institutes, gyms, etc. Hoardings, billboards, and advertisements in newspapers are great options in the print media. You may even opt for radio advertisements or local news channels. If you are looking for more non-conventional options, ambassadors and influencers are also a great source of publicity.
14. Neglecting Security
Security is one of the most necessary things that a mobile app developer should keep in mind. Once someone comes to your app and registers, they share their vital information such as their email address and its password. If you have permitted the registration, with the help of social media platforms, they would be sharing their username and password as well. Hackers all over the world are sitting in hope of hacking the accounts of such users and use their personal information against them. This is not a thing that you want your customers to be worried about.
While developing the application, keep in mind the safety of the users. They need to trust your app to use it and recommend others to use it as well. This is a feature, which you can use while marketing your product as well.
15. No benefits given to customers to share your product
If your customer likes your product they are likely to share it with their friends and family. When there is no kind of benefit in sharing for them, they tend to promote only with close people.
However, if you offer them an incentive, no matter how small, with targets that seem achievable, they will tend to promote it.
For example, if you have kept a ten percent discount on product x if ten people register from their special link, it is likely that they work for it. However, if you keep the same discount for the registration of fifty people, it seems difficult. In such a situation, people might not help you promote.
You can even keep several different discounts for different goals. For instance, the user who gets the maximum number of people registered will get product x free of cost. Or, from all the payments made via people who registered from your link for one month, you shall get discount coupons worth twenty percent.

Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is essential pre-launch marketing or post-launch marketing?

In our opinion, both are equally important. But, depending on your app, you must take a call and divide your resources accordingly.

2. Is it recommended to use a global app developer?

No, it is not necessary to use a global app developer. However, depending on the concept of your app, your probable clientele, and your budget, you must decide on it.

3. What is the best way to avoid post mobile app launch mistakes?

The best way to avoid these mistakes is by creating a mobile app launch checklist.


An app has grounds to either uplift or destroys a business. To make the most out of the resources that are available to you in your hands. It would be best if you avoid these common mobile app marketing mistakes that we have laid out for you. You can create a checked system to ensure that you market your product in the right manner to prevent your business from falling. Or, you can still follow the path of the common people. You can either do everything right in the first chance, or you can worry about what went wrong later on. The decision lies with you.
We at Zestminds, take care of everything right from the time to come to us with your idea. We give you a fair proposal and discuss its pros and cons in the market. We give you the practical implications if it might have any. Also, everything is discussed with you before we finalize any design or coding. If you have an app idea in mind or if you think your already existing mobile app is not up to the mark, we can do wonders to it. Let’s discuss drop us an email at
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Top App Mistakes to Avoid Post App Launch

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