Our Business Continuity Plan For COVID-19: How We Managed Risk During Covid Times

What’s happening?

People, businesses, and economies across the globe are at risk from the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the surveyed businesses, only 12 percent are prepared to deal with the impact of Coronavirus. Leadership smarts must be focused on protecting their people, serving their customers and securing business continuity

The business operations of an organization - its intelligence engine - are more important than ever when facing a crisis. With the advent of remote working and travel restrictions, business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans have been put to the test.

Act now

For business continuity to be maintained, organizations must be able to respond quickly and robustly. The following are recommendations from Zestminds:

PREVENT: What to do now

Ensure the safety of employees by taking immediate steps. Invest in action that puts your people first, and take advantage of what global business services can offer: Connect people to their colleagues from a range of secure and diverse locations and ensure a sanitized work environment

Reducing workspace density, preventing large meetings and adhering to protocol in areas like canteens, elevators and common areas. Make sure you adhere to health and safety guidelines when traveling for business and visiting clients.

PREPARE: What to do next

Set up a command center and identify priority processes. Ensure that your key stakeholders' needs are met:

The first step is to identify priorities and critical processes, such as payroll, healthcare, and supply chain (which support the flow of goods and services); and other services such as payments, healthcare, and insurance.

Measure quality, productivity, compliance, insights and intelligence, people engagement, and workforce performance with a virtual workforce command center.

PREDICT: What to do for the longer term

Make sure your customer-focused plan is sustainable. Prepare for volatility by prioritizing the following actions: Teams that can effortlessly log in from anywhere, anytime and deliver on customer commitments at scale.

To drive collaboration across a broader set of priorities, such as healthcare and childcare, the business must build a broader ecosystem around its workforce. Thus, better business results will result from improved morale and engagement.

Human resilience in difficult times is aided by empathetic leadership and effective communication.

Where next?

Here are five tips for ensuring that your organization operates intelligently and reliably:

Ensure that our service is not disrupted by our clients' business continuity plan :- As a company, we are prepared

As part of our group business continuity plan procedures, we have assessed the business continuity capacities at all our global locations, including both onshore and offshore operations so that our global client delivery is not impacted. Our support functions and project and service delivery teams have also taken additional measures to ensure a continued level of service. In the event that one individual is assigned a critical function and no other member of the team is able to pick up that task if needed, we have external suppliers as backup. Shift teams are also employed to maximize reliability and minimize proximity on-site.

Staying close to our clients

In order to understand our clients' changing needs and requirements, our teams work closely with them. Whether you need remotely-based or on-site services, we offer solutions and services that can help.

In some cases, physical presence on the factory floor is still required, like in manufacturing or industrial quality services. Health and safety requirements are observed at all times during on-site delivery.

Assuring maximum Cyber Security for clients while enabling remote work

We have organized our employees' capacity to work remotely in order to provide them with the right tools for home work. All staff receiving approval to work remotely can do so today. Through our 24/7 security operating center (SOC), we maintain one of the most advanced cyber security standards in the industry.

Established a resilient culture

Continually combining digital capabilities with critical knowledge workers enables us to execute work with more collaboration.

Socially collaborative ecosystems are created

Employee workspaces should be expanded to include access to wider ecosystems, such as health care and childcare.

Workplace models that are flexible and agile

Tech, data, and cloud computing can enable the best combination of remote and office work, depending on the nature and type of work and skills needed.

Creating a workforce that combines people and machines

Focus on proactive, data-driven, value-driven operations to reduce operational stress, and automate transactional processes.

Adopt a distributed global services model

De-risk the organization by implementing a mix of service models in an unstable world. Providing high performance anytime, anywhere is now possible with distributed global services.

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