A Mobile App dedicated for Dog Dating and to Organize Events.

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dog data

DogDate is a perfect application for dog lovers: Get to know events and dog shows

DogDate is one of the unique applications that will provide information about dog events and shows. So, if you are a dog lover, then this application will help to save your time. It contains information about the sponsored walk, charity shows, training events, and more. This app is a specialized app that is quite easy to use.

You can remain updated on various dog shows across various locations and can plan accordingly. It provides the exclusive feature of automatically adding up events in your private calendar. It provides you the option of building your community and sharing events with your friends. Also, if you are organizing the event then the money on ticket sales will be donated to dog charities.

dog data


The world is going digitalized and the popularity of such applications is growing. Hence, many apps are being developed. However, DogDate is one such app that wants a competitive edge over others. To standout in the crowd it wants to be leading in its niche. Also, the posting of events and dog shows must be on the regular basis.

So, these are some of the issues that are faced by this application. The team wants to improve the functioning and efficiency of the app. The management also wants to follow recent trends for generating revenue.

Hence, Zestminds provided the solution to DogDate to improve their functioning and get rid of the above-stated problems. So, they helped the company to make them stronger.

dog data


Our team of experts has faced various challenges while working on the DogDate application. The most challenging is maintaining the privacy of the app. Also, there must be regular updates of the events and dog shows.

The management of DogDate developed the app to get success but they were not able to achieve the same. The website rating was not improving and many people were not installing the application. Moreover, the users must have regular updates of events and location and time.

So, Zestminds provided effective solutions to increase the installation and rankings of the app.


Zestminds have accepted the challenge and provided an effective solution for the advancement and development of the app.

We have provided solutions so that the DogDate app can become the most downloaded app. We have devised various strategies so that you can locate various dog events near you.

It also helps the users to upload and share the information related to events. We aim to make an excellent user experience by making them attend shows and events.

The users can also update the calendar and add shows to the calendar.

We have tried to bring the event organizers close to the app users. Now, you have access to real-time data. The app is easy to download, install, and use. You can also create events and update the information. The events can be shared with friends.


We have offered and provided solutions to the DogDate application. It is one of the best applications for getting updated with dog events and shows nearby. We have tried to make the user experience awesome. This app will help you to become updated with the latest events. Also, we have devised advanced marketing strategies to increase the revenue of the app. We have also tried to maintain the privacy of the app. We have to make sure that the information is updated on a regular basis. Also, provided consultation to our client for increasing the brand value and visibility to the customers.

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