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Fishook- The Best Destination to Find Your Nearby Events

Fishook is an app-driven website that is used by people who love different types of events, exhibitions, talks, classes, meetups, and so on. This is an exclusive platform for those who want to reach their events closer to the viewers and want a huge crowd at those events to make those successful. Dragging the crowd to your event is now simple through the Fishook app by posting the details of the events here.

This app also helps the users to establish themselves as the biggest event organizer in the town and also improve your digital footprint regularly. As an event organizer, you have lots of things to do. Posting your events on Fishook will help you to post across multiple platforms and reach multiple users within a limited time. This app also saves much of your cost and time that you may require for marketing.



The demand for different types of apps is growing rapidly now. Therefore, there are lots of apps that are developing that put Fishook at serious competition.

They were always looking for something different that can make them separate from the crowd. Fishook was trying to establish itself as one of the leading apps where people can organize events and activities to reach their target audience. In doing so, this app was getting lots of problems.

The team was head-on confused about improving their online establishment and the app also getting outdated. Also, the app wasn’t running smoothly on different platforms and couldn’t generate much revenue.

Zestminds came with a list of solutions to remove any kind of problems and make the website and the app stronger than ever.



Zestminds work effectively to find every possible solution for the development and advancement of the Fishook app.

With their intervention, Fishook has become one of the most efficient event discovery apps that will help you to find the events near you and also assist the organizers to find a suitable platform to upload the information of the events. Due to our solutions, user can now-

  • Make their life happening through attending different events
  • Find the events happening near them
  • Check the calendar that we have made action planned
  • Be updated about the happenings on your favorite venue

We have brought Fishook closer to the event organizers so that they find it simple to open an account at this website and upload the events. Now, you can get real-time data, and communicating with potential customers is now easy.

We have upgraded the app with high technologies like Moola and make the app comprehensive enough for easy download.

The use of our innovative marketing software has included top-class features, like management tools for events, offers, notifications, and promotions in Fishook. With the help of Fishook, these following activities are possible now and Zestminds is responsible for the development of this app-

Creating Events

Users can create any kind of event whether musical, comedy, drama, dance, etc. Creating public or private events, both are possible.

Searching for Events

The user can now easily find any kind of events near their locality by using filters like age, gender, types of events, etc

Making Friends

This app now allows users to send friend requests to anyone around the world by sending follow requests.


While working for the development of Fishook, our expert team faced lots of challenges. First of all, it was the top priority of the client to ensure privacy while using the app while creating events. Besides that, the app has to be advanced enough to send timely reminders of the events to the users. The app was developed to do something happening and eventful always for the users, but they were not finding ways to achieve that success.

Their website was lagging behind the competition while their app was getting boring instead of being more entertaining and informative. As a result, consulting Zestminds and getting effective solutions were the only ways to get back the top place in the search engines.


The result of partnering with Zestminds brought huge success for Fishook. The clients finally got a strong and trustworthy solution for posting their events and also finding one near themselves. Also, the application is one of the best cost-effective methods of marketing and event promotion.

Now, it is easy to maintain healthy communication between the clients and the Fishook team, and also the app and website have become attractive enough to keep the old customers glued to those and attract more clients to get more success.

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