A D2C eCommerce website to sell Fashion Products for Men and Women.

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  • Technologies : laravel html bootstrap cake php

La Enviro- PETA Approved and Environment-Friendly Vegan Ecommerce Site

In the modern world, where the environment is suffering from great dangers, any initiative to save it will be appraised a lot. La Enviro, the one of a kind eCommerce site envision the world which is vegan, cruelty-free while being trendy and stylish. They believe that people don’t need crocodile leather for a classy wallet, but vegan leather can give them the same and better quality and sophistication while maintaining the environmental balance.

They come up with a group of artisans who are incredibly skilled in crafting each of the items by hand so that the overall carbon footprint can be reduced and the customers can get beautifully finished products to be classy and sassy. The company gained so much positive response once it got help from Zestminds in building their website more user-friendly and eye-catching to the customers.



The team of La Enviro was looking for a steady eCommerce solution that can build an advanced website so that it can be more appealing to the customers and the traffic increases more to the website.

Being an eCommerce site, La Enviro is dedicated to reaching maximum target consumers through their website, but that was not happening as they couldn’t design their website catchy enough to get more attention. Though they chose the top quality infrastructure and rich database to reach their customer, they were not happy with the conversion rate as that was below their expectation.

Besides this, La Enviro also wanted to strengthen its digital experience for the target consumers by enhancing their branding through their updated and advanced website.



When La Enviro was suffering from several challenges and looking for ways to find solutions, Zestminds provides them with the best methods to solve all the issues and become one of the best eCommerce companies of all.

Improving Conversion Rate

We helped La Enviro to find out the reasons for the low conversion rate and mend up those loopholes to increase the reach of their website within little time. We found that the existing website was not capable enough to attract consumers and we suggested using Shopify to improve their website more.

We conducted a thorough research on the success and strategies of the competitors and found out the reasons why they are getting ahead in the competition. We incorporated the strategies and also came out with exclusive plans to improve the conversion rate of La Enviro and it soon got the positive result.

Building an Advanced Website

Finally, and most importantly, we help La Enviro to design such a website which becomes too appealing to the users, and that brings more and more customers now. We help them in increasing traffic on their new-built website

More Payment Gateways for Customers

We help them to stretch their wings globally and also suggested opening more payment gateways, internationally and locally, for the customers so that they can enjoy convenient shopping.


Low Conversion Rate

Though the regular effort of the La Enviro team to improve the conversion rate, things were not improving. The IT team has put much effort into it, but the conversion rate was not working as per the satisfaction level of the team.

Inactiveness of Search Functionality

To improve the reach of a website it is very important to have more search functionality. But, for La Enviro, this was poor at the initial stage.


With the help of Zestminds, La Enviro has appeared in a completely new form and that has made the customers more digitally engaged to the website and shop whatever they want. Besides building an engaging website, we also help the company in establishing its brand as one of the best companies that are environment-friendly and working with vegan goods. We made it possible to reach their mission and motto to their target consumers so that people get engaged in this website more.

With our expert team, we work relentlessly for the improvement of the website of La Enviro. As a result, they get more traffic on their website now with more businesses. Also, the search-engine optimized website has been ranked on the first page of the search engines.

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