Moola Rewards

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Moola Rewards

Moola is a great marketplace mobile application (iOS and Android) that connects local retailers and customers, that is, users who are looking to save money on retail deals locally. While retailers can upload these deals and discounts on the app, through the same app, users can find these deals and discounts easily with just a few taps on the screen.

Moola Rewards goes a long way in saving some moola for both the users and retailers, who get a platform to attract more business.

The Problem

The objective was to create a mobile app with a great user experience for both user ends (retailers and users) to enable a marketplace that was simplistically driven by both the parties.

The two major reasons behind it are that not all local merchants may be used to technology like this and that the users would need an app that works quickly (because well, they are likely to be in a hurry almost always).

The app should be able to locate both the parties to be able to connect them. At the same time, the objective was also to keep it cost-effective for both. It should also be able to provide two logins: one as the retailer/business owner; other as the Customers. It was also to allow a voucher management system for the retailer in an easy-to-operate manner.


Here are some of the challenges that we had at hand before we could build the app

User Verification

Two separate systems had to be created for both end user’s verification.

On the merchant end, the merchant was required to create an account, verify themselves as a merchant with location(s) and address(es) of their outlet(s) before they can publish deal and discount vouchers.

On the customer’ end, there had to be account validation through their email, proving that they are registered users and are eligible for availing discounts and deals meant for them.

Secure Payments

The voucher management system would be, of course, subscription-based, but free for buyers. So, in both the cases payments had to be made and they needed to be safe. This subscription model was also required to allow member merchants to add multiple locations and add/edit/manage vouchers for those locations.

Secure payment gateways(s) should allow safe payments both by merchants as monthly fees and by users to buy vouchers. .

Separate Logins for Merchants and Customers

So, where on the one hand, owners of businesses like restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, etc., could have a separate login, wherein they could lest the deals and vouchers, the Customers should be provided with another login that reflected these lists for local Customers.


Since the app was required to cater to the local audience at both ends, geolocation capabilities needed to be integrated to render the most relevant results and recommendations for Customers.


Here’s how team Zestminds resolved these challenges.

Account Creation and Validation System

Merchants or retailers were enabled to create an account and validate their business, announcing the location for each of their premises. They have an unlimited number of deals with a monthly fee that they can pay through a secure payment gateway.

Customers, on the other hand, can download the app and register, providing details including their email that is verified by the system.

Secure Payment Gateway

A provision was added for secure payment gateway every time a party would want to make a transaction through cards (debit & credit), mobile wallets or any other means of online transaction, making it a safe marketplace.

We used PayPal & Braintree to deploy a safe and secure gateway.

Simple Geo market Solution

Using a simple geo market solution, we provided merchants a platform to showcase their deals and discounts, offering service as per the user’s location. Location-based technology helped users receive active deals and discounts from which they can choose the best. .

This process involves an easy and simple advertising process providing real-time customer dealing. This includes accessing local customers in a quick and easy way that avoids spending a huge amount on online advertising. It also provided a targeted audience to the retailers or merchants, which resulted in offering services in a quick and easy way.

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