Ownage pranks


Ownage Pranks is a video platform with animated video content for pranks.  Modus operandi is to do pranks with people with fake names and ids over phone calls and record those pranks. Those pranks are then uploaded to their youtube channel which has a whooping 5.7 million subscribers. The same prank videos are also listed on their website and people can come and enjoy the videos or can request to do pranks with one of their own friends.

Ownage pranks


The client had the website already but there were multiple issues. Some of them are:

  • Make the website faster as the load time of the site was very slow.
  • The website had many bugs which needed to be fixed on priority. 
  • The forms on site were not working. 
  • The website User Experience was patchy.
  • Google AdWords were not properly integrated. 
Ownage pranks


Since there were multiple issues to be fixed, we prioritized all the requirements. To make the website faster, we fixed the code, optimized the cide and made the site faster. Once the website speed issues were fixed, then all the backend and frontend issues were also fixed.

Almost at the same time, the client came up with the idea to develop a dedicated mobile app for Ownagepranks. The mobile app needed backend APIs and we also developed the backend APIs which were used for mobile applications.

To summarize we used the following tech stack to deliver the requirements:

  • Backend: CakePHP
  • Frontend: Angular
  • Database: MySql
  • Server: AWS, Cloudfront, S3
  • Third-Party APIs: Youtube APIs
Ownage pranks


The result is that we were instrumental in delivering a custom video platform with following highlights:

  • The platform we built for the client helped them reach 5.7 million subscribers.
  • The website optimization work we delivered, boosted the performance of the website significantly. 
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