A dedicated Mobile app to organize Events and Exhibitions.

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Rave Makes It Easy to Organize Events and Exhibitions

Rave is one of the best apps that help the users to find the most happening events nearby. Not only do you get information about the events, but you can also book tickets for those events easily from this app. Rave keeps you aware of the dates of the events and also sends reminders to your mobile phone to keep you updated. Being social is now absolutely easy with the app as you can follow someone through this app and make friends. Also, you can be followed by others and spread your global reach easily with this app.

Here, you can swipe continuously, in a tinder-style, and find numerous events to attend. So, there is nothing to get bored of once you have installed Rave on your mobile phone. Using and navigating Rave is also easy and you will find the social calendar with the endless list of the modes of entertainment to have fun.



In the beginning, the app was not getting that much popularity as it was losing its way in the huge competition. The team was out of strategies to make the proper marketing and building the brand.

Therefore, the clients failed to find it as the leading platform to upload the events and the event organizers also are looking for other advanced apps except rave to make their digital footprint stronger.

At the backend, the website was underdeveloped while the app was also getting no success from the users.

Rave wanted someone to consult that can provide the best solutions to make their brand upfront and handy to the users by every means. That’s why they consulted Zestminds and got immediate results.



While working for the betterment of Rave, our team faced several challenges. The app was developed to help the users find the location of nearby events.

Therefore, Zestminds was responsible to make the app an effective platform for the clients so that they find it easy to post about their events and also find those easily.

Besides, it is very important to secure the privacy of the clients in such apps. The app did not have that facility and that’s why the users avoided it initially.

The management system was also not that effective to make people aware of the nearby events and it was difficult to find the suitable events you want to attend.


Zestminds overcame all the challenges and designed the app in the most user-friendly way to bring it closer to the users. By using Google APIs, it is now easy to locate the distance between the users and the location of the event.

Also, they have entered two options: public and private for the users to ensure their privacy.

Communication between the organizer and the participant has also become simpler now after the intervention of Zestminds.

Being social is now easy with Rave. Whatever events you are going to attend, your friends can see it and they can also join you.

If you prefer any event, you just need to swipe it up and it will be added to the social calendar of the app. You can now use Rave to build communities and get new opportunities to create more and more events.

Not only posting the events or getting information about it, but you can also book tickets through this app for any events. So, Zestminds have brought lots of positives to this app and made Rave on the top of the list of search apps.


As a result, we provided the best solutions to our client, Rave and now it is one of the best apps for searching events near you. This app has become time and cost saving for the users and also helps them in making their brand visible and successful. They have come up with advanced marketing strategies to reach more and more users and serve them relentlessly.

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