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The Leaf Indian Restaurant

Give Your Taste Buds the Taste of the Best Indian Foods from The Leaf Indian Restaurant

If you are in Australia for a long time and miss India a lot, you can get the taste of your country if you visit The Leaf Indian Restaurant in Australia. They are the best to serve varieties of Indian dishes by maintaining the traditional taste and also providing you with the fusion dishes. That is the reason why not only the Indians but the locals also find the restaurant an amazing place to have fine dining. From curries to koftas, desserts to drinks, you will get the taste of India everywhere at this restaurant.

If you want to get more details, visit their website which is lively, captivating, and alluring to make you visit once the restaurant. Zestminds have designed their website in a personalized way so that they can attract more and more customers to their website and also in the restaurant and stay much ahead of their competitors.

The Leaf Indian Restaurant


Initially, the website of The Leaf Indian Restaurant was not that attractive and that was a big reason for losing their digital footstep in the market. There were no catchy photos for making an initial idea about the restaurant for the beginners.

Though they have a running website, it was difficult to run it smoothly on mobile or laptop

The management team found it difficult to manage the website, make it attractive, generate revenue, and also increase traffic on the site. The content management system was also quite poor and the non-technical people found it difficult to access the site perfectly.

Thus, the restaurant was lacking visitors and lagging behind the competition. Here comes Zestminds at their rescue to provide the best technical and non-technical support.


Getting troubled by so many challenges, they contact Zestminds and left all their tensions upon us. We worked with our expert team members to redesign their website in an elusive way so that it can grab the attention of the viewers at the first sight.

We developed the website in such a way so that the period of staying on a website increases.


The Leaf Indian Restaurant was looking for developing such a website that goes perfectly well with its business and also highlights their vision and mission at their website. In doing that, the team got completely confused at the expenses they estimated.

Thus, the marketing of the restaurant was getting hampered and they couldn’t expand their reach more to the common people of the country and abroad

Besides that, they were also unaware of using the latest technological tools to increase traffic to their website and grabbing the attention of the target consumers.

Due to these reasons, their website was getting poor and couldn’t make place on the first page of the search engines. That hampered their business a lot.

The Leaf Indian Restaurant

We dedicated our time to improve the digital stepping of The Leaf Indian Restaurant so that the non-technical persons can also access the site easily without getting troubled. We made a thorough market survey and found out the reasons for the success of the competitors and worked on finding the best solutions for The Leaf Indian Restaurant.

We become successful in developing a website for them so that they can regain their lost reputation and place on the first page of the search engines.


Zestminds helped The Leaf Indian Restaurant thoroughly to get back its popularity among the target consumers and also build a new customer base through their attractive and active website. Gaining more traffic has become easier and establishing them as a brand becomes possible with the intervention of Zestminds.

We have put all our effort to improve the website of The Leaf Indian Restaurant and made it more captivating to get more customers. Our market research and study helped them to get acknowledged about the usage of the latest tools and that has brought more traffic to the website.

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