The app development market has always been dominated by Android. Recent research by Statista indicates that by 2023, Android will hold 87.4% of the smartphone market share. Having an Android app gives you access to an even broader audience.
It is estimated that global mobile app revenue will reach $936bn by 2023, up from $462bn in 2019. Don’t you think that’s impressive? There are some apps that aren’t successful and do not earn revenues. Approximately one in ten thousand mobile apps survive because there are too many apps available, they are expensive, etc.
You can create a successful Android app by hiring top Android developers, which will make you money. We’ve compiled a guide on how to hire an android app development company in 2022 for your app development project.

The most important things to pay attention to while looking for Android developers

It takes specialized knowledge, experience, and skills to create mobile applications. Developing apps that generate money by solving specific business problems requires understanding business needs, having technical knowledge, and knowing how to develop them For your Android app project, you need to hire developers with the following skillsets :
Java or Kotlin
Knowledge of programming languages.
Android applications are typically written in one of two major programming languages: Java or Kotlin. It is important for developers to understand the core concepts of these two programming languages, including syntax, fundamentals, frameworks, multithreading, concurrency, functional programming, and generics.
Android SDK or Software Development Kit
Android SDK or Software Development Kit.
It helps developers develop Android apps much faster by providing pre-packaged code. For Android developers, Android SDKs are essential. Let’s take Facebook as an example. As a result, your developers will need a Facebook SDK to speed up the development process.

Knowledge of Android Studio
is essential for Android developers as this IDE supports a wide range of Android SDKs.
Any application can be connected to a third-party service or app using APIs. The Google APIs, for instance, can be used for locating your app’s users, assisting them in finding local places or referencing maps within your app.
Use of databases
Use of databases.
A large amount of data is handled by your app and the database lives outside the smartphone. App developers nowadays use Firebase to make data available across multiple devices and store it in the cloud. In order for your users to be able to use the app offline, your developers must be able to work with an SQLite database.
Basics of Material Design
Basics of Material Design.
Unlike Apple, Google initially did not maintain a uniform design across all apps. As part of its Material Design initiative, Google has released a set of design guidelines. It forms the foundation for designing user interfaces and user experiences.
understanding of business processes and SDLC
Understanding of business processes and SDLC.
It is important that developers understand the reasoning behind your business decisions. The tool will enable them to recognize key features, plan the development process, and deliver a mobile app that completely meets their business needs.

Which tech stack should you choose for your Android app?
Mobile technology stacks are essential to the development process. There is sometimes a great deal of discussion about what technologies, frameworks, and approaches are suitable for your Android application development.

Before choosing which tech stack to use and what new features will be added to your app, it is essential to understand the features of Android app development. Also, you will need to decide whether the app should be native or cross-platform. The price of your Android app is primarily determined by the amount of complexity, features, and design of the app, but most of the time it is not determined by the programming language you use.
Before hiring Android developers, you should determine what skills and experience they should possess. An accurate job description will enable you to find the right candidate for your project.
A technology stack consists of a number of requirements, specifics, and technologies. It is possible to develop an Android app of the highest quality with the right combination of tools and requirements. Most business owners find it difficult to select the right technology stack.
A shortlist of development aspects you should consider before you begin your app development project is presented below:
native, cross-platform or hybrid
Consider your requirements and business needs
It is important to take into account the type of app (native, cross-platform, or hybrid), data usage, and hardware accessibility. By considering these factors, you can narrow down the language and framework selection.
Specify the main objective of your app and choose a monetization model
choose a monetization model
Do you intend to develop an application to support your business? Will it solve specific problems for your customers? You should pay special attention to the functionality and design of your website if you provide subscription plans. When the main source of revenue is advertising, you should pay attention to the app’s performance.
Determine the type of collaboration
Your mobile application can be developed in a variety of ways. In addition to hiring freelancers, in-house developers, and outsourcing developers are all viable options.
Think about app security
By taking care of all security aspects of your app, you will ensure that it is bulletproof.
Specify integrations and compatibility
Consider what third-party integrations you may require before beginning your app development project. Also, it is possible that you will need to integrate an existing website or backend system into your app which will affect your choice of technology stack.
Java for Android app development
Java is an ancient programming language. The language was released in May 1995 and it is still in use today. Developers can find everything they need within the package – the Java Development Kit, the Java Runtime Environment, and the Integrated Development Environment.
Enterprise applications are increasingly being developed in Java. In addition to web applications and applications for government, it is also used to develop big data technologies such as Hadoop and Apache Storm. The Java platform is unsurpassed when it comes to the development of high-end applications and developing technologies.
Kotlin for Android Development
Python and Swift developers
Google officially supports Kotlin as a new open-source Android language. The great thing about it is that developers will not have to rewrite all of their code when switching from Java to Kotlin.
Kotlin was first introduced in 2011; however, it was not released for almost five years. Kotlin is an obvious rival to Java when it comes to developing Android applications. JS, Python, and Swift developers also make use of it. As per the latest JetBrains report, larger companies prefer to hire Kotlin developers for developing Android applications. Among the applications created with Kotlin are Uber, Evernote, Pinterest, and others.
How to find and hire Android developers

How to find and hire Android developers?

Writing, compiling, and debugging Android apps requires technical skills. A professional developer will usually be required to perform that task. Business owners may find it difficult to find and hire developers. We have put together a handy guide on how to hire the right Android app developers for your project:
Step 1 – Prepare a technical description of your project
All business requirements and tasks should be gathered in one file. The file can be easily shared with app developers when you’re looking for them.
Step 2 – Choose the most suitable model
You can develop your app in several ways. The development of mobile applications can be outsourced or done by an in-house team. The most expensive way to develop an app is to hire in-house developers. Therefore, most business owners outsource their development work. The benefits of outsourcing include having access to a larger pool of developers and being able to create your app more quickly.
Step 3 – Carry out technical interviews
By conducting interviews, evaluating portfolios, and reviews, you should shortlist your developers or outsourcing partners. Customer reviews are sometimes the most effective way to evaluate potential outsourcing partners.
Step 4 – Signing the contract and finalizing the agreement.
In order for your app development project to be successful, you’ll need to discuss all issues, set timeframes, and schedule daily/weekly meetings along with asking for estimates. Make sure NDAs are signed and security is discussed.
In the event that you opt to outsource app development to Zestminds, you will have the option of hiring a full development team (with a PM) or adding more developers to your existing staff. We are always in need of Android developers, designers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers. As a result of our shorter local recruitment cycle, we will be able to quickly find and hire additional developers if your project requires more than we have.

Android App Development Company Vs. Freelancer

Android App Development Company Vs. Freelancer
Mobile applications have become one of the most effective methods for organizations to reach and remain in touch with their customers in this digital age.
In light of the enormous growth in the number of cell phone users (it is estimated that by 2020 there will be 6.1 billion cell phone users), no business can afford to be left behind.
In order to develop Mobile applications for any business, the first step is to determine the app requirements in advance.
Would your company benefit from a single or multiple platform application? If you are targeting multiple platforms, you will need to decide whether you will develop native applications or cross-platform applications.
Finally, you will need to determine whether you would like to hire an app development company, build your own in-house development team, or alternatively, you may want to consider hiring an independent developer to develop your app.
Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of the key considerations that one should remember when hiring an Android app development company to design a mobile application.
1. Commitment and Focus:
Android App Development Company:
A major advantage of hiring a Mobile Application Development Company as opposed to an In-House IT Department for the development of your Android application is their commitment to and need to excel at making a good app for the requirements you provide. If you hire a company to develop your Android app, the desired quality will be achieved in a reasonable amount of time and on a reasonable budget.
Freelancers are generally engaged in multiple projects at the same time. Choosing which projects to focus on at any given time is entirely up to them. Stakeholders are concerned about freelancer availability. This results in them being less focused and committed to your project.
2. Specialized knowledge:
Android App Development Company:
Mobile application development is the sole focus of an application development company. Therefore, they are equipped with the specialized knowledge necessary to develop a mobile application.
The freelancer is involved in multiple projects handling both front end and back end simultaneously, so he is unable to acquire specialized knowledge in both areas.
3. Fixed contract:
Android App Development Company:
Fixed contract
Reputable app development companies provide a fixed price to their clients for any application development project. Aside from situations in which the customer requires additional services, these costs are constant. Therefore, Application Development Companies are able to assist in containing costs as well as in establishing a good idea of the budget to be allocated. Creating an application development plan in collaboration with an application development company will assist you in planning as you will know exactly how much an application development project will cost before you begin.
Freelancers, however, usually do not offer fixed fees, rather they charge a per-hour rate for their services. Thus, their rates will be higher than those of a firm offering a fixed fee.
Project Manager
4. Project Manager
Android App Development Company:
It takes a great deal of time and effort to develop an application. As well as expertise and experience, it is necessary to have a competent coordinator who takes into account the interests of all stakeholders when planning. Project Managers fill this function. Their role is to check and balance the process as it progresses. The Project Manager is primarily responsible for ensuring that timelines and milestones are met, as well as ensuring coordination among all members of the development team. Besides being the project manager, the project manager is also the customer relationship manager.
Applications development companies assist in the recognition of their targets by providing project managers.
The freelancer functions as a one-man army, handling all projects from start to finish. There is a lack of balance between a freelancer’s development process and the business owner’s vision.
5. Availability:
Android App Development Company:
An interesting distinction between mobile app development companies and freelancers lies in this area.
An organization that develops mobile apps on your behalf is not an individual, it is an organization that you are hiring. For example, if the project is being handled by Company, and a developer falls ill, then the project will be handled by another developer. The company will make sure that the necessary deadlines are met when they are hired.
If a freelance developer falls ill while working on the mobile app, then the project gets delayed.
6. Access to Advance Tech and Tools:
Android App Development Company:
Furthermore, Mobile Application Development Companies have access to the latest technologies and tools. Due to the fact that a mobile app development company specializes in creating applications, they have the newest tools and software at their disposal. Thus, they can develop applications that will be compatible across various platforms.
The latest technology and software are not accessible to independent developers or your in-house IT staff. This will result in an excessive expenditure of resources.
7. Support available 24×7:
Android App Development Company:
Support available 24x7
As time goes on, your Mobile application will require upgrades, functionality enhancements, and cosmetic changes, among other things. As a result, it is vital to have a Mobile application development company by your side throughout the app development process. The company will be able to establish a good relationship with you. An independent developer cannot provide you with such a long-term relationship.
Developers can simply switch careers or move to another industry, making them unreachable for such services.
8. Desired Quality in adequate time can be achieved:
Android App Development Company:
You can have peace of mind by using the services of Mobile application development companies. It takes expertise and professional skills for an application development firm to provide the desired level of quality. Portfolios, testimonials, and reviews will provide evidence of this.
Business owners may not be able to meet their expectations in terms of quality with the portfolio of Independent developers. If the owner of the company spends more time dealing with Independent developers than with their own company, then it might cost them a great deal.
As we can see between freelancers and an Android App Development Company, it is better to select an Android App Development Company. Thus, let’s now see how to decide among the best Android App Development Companies:-

Tips to Select the Best Android App Development Company:-

Tips to Select the Best Android App Development Company

#1. Find a competent Android App Development Company with the team of highly experienced developers

It is important to consider their experience when hiring a team of experts in the Android developer profile. The task of developing an app for the market and for the business is a very challenging one, which requires a developer with experience to carry out efficiently.

#2. Don’t Make Cost A Primary Focus

In the race to find an Android app development company that is cost-effective, businesses often end up with a substandard product that is of little value to their organization. So, rather than taking a risk with such a low budget developer, it is advised that you hire a team of Android app developers who have the ability to create a quality app at a cost-effective rate.

#3. Check The Past Projects Of Developers

You can assess the quality of Android developers’ work by reviewing their past projects. It is in their past work portfolio that one can find the answer to the question of ‘How to hire an Android app development company. Consider the app’s functionality and design capabilities as well as the developer’s timeframe for completing the project before engaging them. By doing so, you are able to determine whether or not the Android app developer meets the App’s requirements. Moreover, we may also take a look at the app’s reviews, ratings, and feedback provided by other users of the app.

#4. Sound knowledge of Open Source Platforms

As Android is an open-source platform, it provides developers with the flexibility to design applications that suit the user’s needs, making it essential for developers to possess a solid understanding of open source platforms. Consequently, you should look for companies that specialize in Android app development that are knowledgeable about the emerging open source libraries.

#5. Connect With The Previous Clients

Clutch -Connect With The Previous Clients
There are many aspects to consider when hiring a company to develop Android apps. Contacting previous clients is one of them. We should be able to know how the developer has treated its previous clients after connecting the previous clients. Also consider how they handle the project after receiving it, their responsiveness, the frequency of communication, how they resolve the challenges, etc.
Past client information is available on the company’s Clutch or Extract profile

#6. Do They Have An Innovative Approach?

Consider the following: How does the Android developer or the Android app development agency you are considering approach the project? In hiring an adept Android developer, it is important to assess if the developer has an understanding of the business needs, the ability to make improvements to the design, and the ability to deliver an innovative user experience along with the best possible results.

#7. Go For A Reputed And Certified Company

Even though hiring a freelance Android developer is a low-budget option, it is a risky method of getting an Android application developed. Hiring a freelancer could be detrimental to your project. The safest and most cost-effective way to develop an app is to choose a certified and reputed Android app development company.
Investing in an Android app development company also allows the development process to be completed much faster since a team of designers, testers, and coders are involved in the process
NDA And Privacy Agreements Are Mandatory

#8. NDA And Privacy Agreements Are Mandatory

Once you sign an NDA or privacy agreement, you should only work with a company or freelancer who develops Android apps. You can ensure the safety of confidential business information by establishing such a contractual relationship with the Android developers. In addition, we should ensure that the Android app is protected from infringement by taking care of its property rights.

#9. Inquire About The Team Of Developers

Look for an Android developer who specializes in the creation of Android applications. As has been observed many times, companies and brands have hired freelancers for app development without any prior communication with the client. For this reason, a prospective employer should inquire about the development team members during the hiring process in order to meet this challenge.

#10. Discuss The Post Development Tasks And Supports

Discuss The Post Development Tasks And Supports
We should discuss the following post-development tasks before appointing an Android app development company: app submission, app testing, bug fixing, support, and maintenance, etc. Before handing over the project to the app development team, we should discuss the post-development tasks. You can get an excellent Android app if you hire a skilled Android developer.


Having learned about hiring Android developers, you now know how to build your first Android app from scratch. You now know what the differences are between Java and Kotlin as well as how apps are developed.
Using the latest technologies and ideas, Zestminds develops high-quality software products from the ground up. Is there anything else you would like to know about developing Android apps? If you contact us, we will do everything possible to help you build an app solution for your company from the ground up. Contact us at
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