10 Tips To Hire Django Development Company For Your Next Project

10 Tips To Hire Django Development Company For Your Next Project

Django, as we all know, is one of the most famous web-development tools in today’s time. It is great because of various positive factors like its DevOps compatibility, Backward compatibility, community support, KISS and DRY compliance, simple to use, REST framework, independent infrastructure, up-to-date and secure, time effective, suitable for any type of project, versatility, and many other incredible additional features.
In this article, we will be talking about the 10 most important tips that you need to keep in mind before you hire a Django Development Company to handle your upcoming project.
#1. Begin With Defining Your Business Goals
To begin with, in the process of choosing a Django development team, it is crucial to define the requirements and goals of your business. This includes project deliverables, costs, deadlines, and also the features. For this, you can create a document that comprises the purpose of your project, its benefits, goals, main users, and potential scale.
When you figure out all these points, it will be easier for you to define and decide on the size and experience level of the development team required.
#2. The Outsourcing Destination
The next important tip is to keep in mind that when you choose an outsourcing company, you take into consideration time difference, agency rates, cultural differences, and their proficiency in English. Cultural aspects play a very crucial role as it impacts productivity, comfort, interpretation, understanding, interactions, and communication. If you fail to choose a company that cannot align with your cultural aspect, it can lead to the failure of your collaboration. The two major types of cultural aspects are High-context and Low-context.
Outsourcing Django Development company
High-context focuses on emotions and trust and prevails in countries like Italy, China, Spain, Japan, Ukraine, and France. They believe in intuitive decision making and are a team as well as relationship-oriented. Their communication is implicit, and they believe in forming long-term relations. The deadlines are, at times, less important for them.
Low-context, on the other hand, focuses on words and facts and prevails in countries like Norway, Germany, US, UK, Denmark, and Canada. They believe in logical decision making and are task-oriented people who believe in individualism. Their communication is explicit, and they believe in short-term relations. The deadlines are very important for them.
Average Hourly Rates For Software Development
In this section, we have analyzed and figured out the destinations and average hourly rates of various places on the basis of the data we have received from reliable sources like TopTal, Upwork, Indeed, SalaryExpert, PayScale, and the YouTeam. This 2020 data will help you in figuring out which place will prove out to be the best to pick up your Django Development Team for your project.
Average Hourly Rates For Software Development

North America Western Europe Eastern Europe Latin America Asia Africa
$46.35 $67.20 $32.29 $45.71 $25.38 $28.00

Software Development Rate In North America

California District of Columbia New York Texas Washington
$57.07 $48.07 $52.15 $44.42 $53.22


Software Development Rate In Western Europe


Germany France United Kingdom Sweden Netherlands
$56 $82 $71 $67 $60


Software Engineer Average Hourly Rate In Eastern Europe

Belarus Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Hungary Poland Romania Ukraine
$28 $34 $25 $34 $39 $40 $26 $37


Software Engineer Average Hourly Rate In Latin America


Argentina Bolivia Costa Rica Chile Mexico Peru Uruguay
$55 $30 $40 $50 $55 $35 $55

Though these traits have nothing to do with the skills and professionalism of a country, these cultural aspects do impact the collaborations.
#3. Have A Look At The Past Projects Of The Company
Most of the Django Development Companies make sure that they have their presence online so that you can know about what their experience is. In most of the cases, you will come across their case studies and a portfolio of their projects on the company’s website in order to show what their experience is. Before you opt for a company, make sure that you read their descriptions regarding the featured projects. You will come across the technical problems and their solutions that the team came with.
#4. Make Sure To Look At Feedbacks And Reviews Of Company’s Previous Clients
Feedbacks And Reviews Of Company’s Previous Clients
When looking to opt for a Django Development company in order to take up your next project, you will not get a clear idea of what their real capabilities are by just looking at the resume and write down the experiences of the developers. So the great way of checking the experience of the prospect company is by talking to the clients that have worked with them in the past.
Clients are the ones who know pretty well about how the company performs as they have experience in terms of product development, project management, collaboration, communication, and a lot more. It is very obvious that if the development company was able to deliver top-notch Django services to their previous clients and created an incredibly successful project, then they can handle your project well. You will find feedback and reviews of the company’s past clients on their profile.
#5. Interview The Prospect Django Team
You require a couple of interview sessions in order to decide if you have to hire that particular Python Development Company or not. This is because the interview process with the team can bring change in numerous things. You can have a word with the team that is going to take control of your project via a video interview or by interviewing them in person.
When you interview, it is important to keep in mind that you do not depend only on what is written in the developer’s resume. This is because they have listed the skills that you haven’t tested in the real-time scenario. When interviewing the developers, the best thing you can do is to inform them regarding the development issues in your company that you came across recently and ask them to provide a solution to it. Check and analyze the solution they have to that issue. This can prove out to be an incredible way of getting their skills tested.
But in case if you are not a developer, then it is best to leave the process of interviewing someone who has knowledge of the technicalities of Django. They will put forth the questions relevant to the problems and blocks you might probably face during the process of development. Make sure that you ask them questions regarding the organizational and the business aspect of collaborations. This interview will show whether the prospect company is interested and keen about your project or not. You will also get to know about their skill and confidence level in order to get your task completed.
It is important for you to be ready for the interview, as well. This is because the developers, too, will ask you questions regarding the project. So make sure that you can provide the candidates with a complete description of the job and its requirements in a way that describes the project and the required functionality that needs to be implemented in a clear manner. For that, it is best that your job description includes the required experience, qualifications, and skills.
You can ask your technical consultant to create a complete list of all the APIs and technologies for the candidates. It will prove to be very helpful to have this list as you can find the software developers really fast as the clarity of requirements will make it simple for the managers of the projects and also the COOs to allocate the people who will be best for your project. But if you are not looking for a team and just want a couple of developers, in that case, a Python Development partner may give you one or two developers that can work for your project and then report to the manager of your project.
It is important to keep in mind that you should not back away from the candidates that begin to express their own ideas regarding the development solutions. This is because this discussion is a sign that they are keen to improve your project and wish to offer technical advice that is useful in improving the overall base of the project.
The comments they give comes likely from years of experience in the field. This interview will help you in knowing how the team of developers convey their thoughts and if they can be maintaining a robust work ethic. Not only that, but the interviews will also help you in finalizing a decision and also in establishing a connection between you and your potential team of Django Development.
It is important to keep in mind that communication with the team you choose should seem to be an easy job so that you can put up your queries and problems to them. So it is best to opt for a technical team that is also good with their communication skills.
#6. Prefer Getting A Dedicated Team At One Place
plan to hire a Django Development team
When you plan to hire a Django Development team for your project, more often than not, you will find one such company that has its developers all across the globe. The main problem that causes is that you may have to contact the developers individually as you will not have the entire team in one place.
This can prove harmful for your project as it impacts productivity. So when you are planning to hire a Django Development team, you need to make sure that the whole team is right in one place so that communicating with them becomes an easy job.
#7. Evaluate The Technology Stack Of The Company
The next most important thing to keep in mind is that before you hire a company, you should assess and evaluate the technology stack of the company that is used in building the software. Mostly the python companies are multifunctional in nature. The prime reason is the language they use for programming.
It allows the developers to both builds as well as maintain a scalable system. It is a language that covers each and every functionality, and many tasks are automated by it. Instagram, Facebook, Google, and many other famous companies prefer Python for websites. This is because it allows building secure environments.
Companies that have great skillfulness offer a wide array of technology stacks or have expertise in certain fields. It is important for developers to know ways to work with APIs, extensions, and libraries. When you think of hiring a Python Development Company, it is important to ask them about the technology stack that is typically used by them.
Each programming language comes with its own standards. It is also important to inquire whether the company can keep up with those standards. Programming and object-oriented design are supported by many principals. SOLID describes five of these elements. It is crucial to incorporate all these principles in the process of development in order to ensure a code that is robust, scalable, and stable. In short, taking into consideration these principles makes the Python code super easy to maintain, test, extend, reuse, and understand the Python code.
#8. Get A Quote For Your Project
You definitely do not have an unlimited budget in order to get your project built. Just like everyone who is in the software building business, you would definitely like to know how much it will cost to get your project done. Requesting an approximate quote of your project from the prospect company is pretty fair.
Developers with experience can easily estimate how many hours it will take in order to implement each and every feature. But it is important for your team to have a list of features that are required so as to make it possible. If you do not have this list of features, you can request a third party to write that list for you. Even the company that you are about to hire can be requested to write down the project requirements on your behalf. But it is important to keep in mind that you can be charged for this service.
Not to forget that your quote should also include the charges for testing as it is an inseparable part of the process of software development. Most of the companies come with the three most famous pricing models viz fixed price, milestone-based, and lastly, the materials, and time.
The estimate depends upon the model of pricing you opt for. Furthermore, in order to avoid problems in payments, it is best to ask your Django Development company about the payment methods that are preferable for them. There are numerous ways in which companies accept payments like direct deposit, bank wire, credit card, Paypal, and many more. You also get an option to pay in the invoice email, and many companies have started practicing this way.
#9. Make Sure The Developers Of You Prospect Company Have All The Required Technical Skills
Technical Skills
It is important that the developers you are hiring are skillful when it comes to technical aspects.
As Django writing is all about Python, then it is imperative for your developer to be great at Python. It is crucial for the developer you are hiring to understand all the principles that are object-oriented as Python has the paradigm that is object-oriented as it supports objects and classes.
Obviously, they should also be well-versed with Django. But most importantly, with this minimum skill of understanding Django, they should also understand the internals of its framework and the different tools that are associated with it.
Another important technical skill you should be looking for is Object Relational Mapper (ORM). In order to make the application work in a smooth manner, it is important that its database is both fast as well as secure. A Django application connects to the database using ORM. It is thus important to hire someone who has great ORM skills.
The next important technical skill you should look for is a great understanding of the threads. This is because, in today’s time, in order to make your application work fast by deploying multi-threaded architecture. Your hired developer should have top-notch debugging skills on the applications that run on multi-thread architecture as it is very challenging to debug them.
Lastly, prefer a developer who can understand calls like PUT, GET, and POST as maximum network connections that are nowadays built are on the basis of REST architecture.
#10. Do Not Ignore The Soft Skills
This might not sound necessary, and its importance is often overlooked, but the soft skills are as vital as the technical skills are. Your developer needs to possess soft skills along with technical skills.
For starters, the developer you hire is great in the skill of communicating. For a project to become successful, communication plays a crucial role. Communication is the key to success, and gaps in it can be the cause of the disaster. It is crucial for your candidate to possess the skills of collaborating with other members in a team, express themselves, understand others in an apt manner, and most importantly, respond quickly and accurately.
The developer you hire should be enthusiastic and keen to perform the given task as it helps the person to become the best developer for the task. They can then develop and bring about innovation as well as try novel things if they are motivated.
One of the most crucial soft-skill that a developer should possess is taking up the responsibility of a certain task and then delivering it accurately and within time. Not only that, they should be able to handle disasters and failures in certain tasks if they face any.
Not to forget, the soft-skill of time management is pretty significant and a must-have for a developer. They should perform their task in a given period of time and under pressure situations. For that, they should understand the value of time and abide by the given deadlines.
Last but not least, make sure your candidate is good at problem-solving. The process of software development can excel only when a developer looks for opportunities for solving problems. It is thus safe to say that the attitude of problem-solving and analytical thinking forms the major pillar of developing a new application or software, and it is a must-have by your candidate.
Traits Of A Good Development Team that Stands Apart
There are many developers across the globe but it is important to pick up the one best for your project requirements. This makes it important for you to understand what creates a difference between a professional development team and the rest.
A professional development team will:
01. Follow the best guidelines and practices
02. Be able to solve the Python-focused software architecture issues
03. Understand the object-oriented programming
04. Have knowledge regarding the frameworks of web development
05. Know about the working of Python Libraries
06. Have a transparent workflow
07. Know how the team works
08. Hold meetings in order to discuss the progress of the projects
09. Give you regular reports of the work
10. Sign a contract so that your rights are ensured
11. Provide ample code samples when asked to prove capabilities and set up interviews with the team leads.
12. Complete a test task if provided.
Wrapping It Up
Hopefully, this article helped you in knowing the imperative tips before you hire a Django Development company for your upcoming project. If you have any doubts and queries regarding Django Development or wish to hire a Django developer, then you can get in touch with us. ZestMinds is a company that holds a lot of experience in the field of Web as well as Mobile development since past many years. We believe in bringing about a digital transformation in your business with our online solutions.
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10 Tips To Hire Django Development Company For Your Next Project

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