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Over the past many years, Web development has undoubtedly established itself as one of the most crucial elements when it comes to bringing success to any business or organization. Web development builds a path on which your business can walk and grow on a global level.
Web development is ever-growing and has new trends that come up from time to time. During recent times trends change much faster than they used to before. So in order to keep leading, it is imperative to stay focussed on the current trends, approaches, techniques, and updates that are prevalent across the globe. Keeping a check on trending web development technologies is super crucial.
Here in this article, we have listed some of the most incredible web development trends for the year 2021 after a thorough analysis of tendencies across the industries. We will be talking about the topmost web technology stacks that are worthy of your attention in the upcoming year. This list will be a time savior and also prove out to be helpful in growing your business in the future. So let us get started.

1. Single-Page Apps

Single-Page apps are all about having everything right in one place without any need of switching or waiting. It gets tad-bit irritating when you are redirected to some other web page that is downloaded from some server after clicking once. That can be time-consuming as well as leaves a negative impression on the user. This led to the rise of a trend called SPA. SPA is on amongst various trends in recent years. It helps in avoiding long communication with a server and thus has improved page performance to offer. SPA also provides an improved level of data protection.
Single Page Apps
What Makes It So Good
• It has an incredible UI/UX in the native browser environment.
• A lot of your bandwidth is saved.
• It is super easy to set-up and debugs with the Chrome Tools.
• It focuses well on APIs.
• The cache process is much more efficient.
The significant examples of Single-Page apps are Github, Twitter, Trello, and Google Web Services like Maps, Spreadsheet, and Drive.

2. Progressive Web Apps

Each and everything right at the click of your fingers, we are well-versed with this concept. From less loading, smooth working to easy navigation and quick. This is all that PWA (Progressive Web App) is. It offers a smooth, reliable, and user-friendly experience.
What Makes It So Good
• PWA is super helpful when it comes to delivering a user-friendly and smooth web experience.
• It works wonders in helping reduce the bounce rates.
• As PWA is connectivity independent, it can work offline.
• It can make your app super reliable, installable, and efficient.
The significant examples of Progressive Web Apps are Forbes, Instagram, Pinterest, Smashing Magazine, Twitter, and Uber.
Progressive Web Apps

3. Artificial Intelligence Development

Approximately 38 percent of people tend to skip a website if they find the layout or content in it to be unattractive. Approximately 75 percent of customers decide the credibility of a business on the basis of the design of a website. And a user takes just 0.5 seconds in order to form an opinion regarding a particular website. It is thus crucial for technology to be involved in the web development world. This is exactly where AI comes into the frame of web development trends 2021. If the reports that are floating in the market are to be believed, then the Artificial intelligence market is expected to reach approximately 190.61 Billion USD dollars by the year 2025 at a CAGR of around 42.2 percent. The number is as massive as the scope of Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial intelligence helps you in figuring out various stuff like things that your customers are planning to buy next, the accurate time frame in what your customers decide to purchase a product, the types of product that allures your customers the most, the products that aren’t much appreciated by your customers and people interested in buying your services. It isn’t even surprising that Artificial Intelligence is pretty much involved in the creation of most of the sites. AI successfully created a novel dimension in the paradigm of web development.
What Makes It So Good
• AI manages your repetitive tasks quite easily.
• It helps in making smarter business decisions.
• AI can also very well solve all your complex business problems and thus improves efficiency.
• It can very well improve the customer experience.
• The technology can very well minimize the scope of errors.

4. Web Assembly

The first and foremost thing that you should not be neglected when developing a certain web application is its performance. The limitations of JavaScripts make the heavy calculations pretty slow and also significantly worsens the experience of the user.
It all gets down to a triangle of speed, cross-platform scripting, and small footprint. All these three components are crucial ones when it comes to web development in modern times. This is why a chunk of share in the cases of web development can never be without WebAssembly in today’s time.
Web Assembly
What Makes It So Good
• It is independent of any platform or programming languages.
• Web assembly is also independent of hardware.
• It can also execute code pretty fast.
• Web assembly also provides a top-tier security level.

5. Voice Search

Undoubtedly, humans are getting pretty lazy with each passing day. We started with making mobiles then created smartphones in order to reduce the manual work and not pacing towards developing “voice-oriented and hands-free” gadgets. Voice assistants like Siri, Echo Dot, Google Assistant have become an integral part of daily life as the companies like Apple, Android, and Google have very well implemented this very trend in the designing process of their UX/UI. The command-based services are the present-day fad as most people prefer spending less time typing the commands and increasingly prefer voice search. Thus in the upcoming year, web development will surely be related closely to the implementations of this functionality.
Voice Search
The voice user interface work on the basis of the below-mentioned algorithm:
• The software for speech recognition can convert the waves of input analog to the digital format.
• The audio input gets broken into separate sounds called phonemes.
• The software will analyze each of these and compare them to the words in the dictionary.
• The speech then gets converted to the text on-screen or in computer commands.
What Makes It So Good
• It is super easy to usage.
• The platform enables users to have hands-free interaction.
• The speed of task execution is super quick.
• Significantly great user experience.
• Convenience and Intuitiveness.

6. Motion Design UI

One of the main web development and web design trends of the year 2021 is Motion Design. It is basically an incredible combination of minimalistic design with sophisticated interactions that fetches you an interactive and engaging look that is great for attracting the user’s attention. The elements that get implemented because of motion design is scrolling, pull-down menu, pop-ups, charts, and page header transitions. All this helps in displaying a unique style and also entertains the user. Not only that, but it also improves the behavioral factors and helps in web app ranking higher in the search results. It is best to upgrade the motion UI techniques in order to improve the engagement as well as provide a better UX/UI to the users of your web app.
• Guide the users through the app with the help of animations that demonstrate the next step to take.
• With the help of catchy animations, react to the gestures of the users.
• Demonstrate relations between various components of the app.
Motion Design
What Makes It So Good
• It can very well define your interactions and structures.
• The process of navigation gets super easy.
• It increases the length of the session and reduces the bounce rate.

7. Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture is the way of building and running an application and the services independently in order to manage the infrastructure. Though the application runs on the servers, all the management of the server is done by AWS. You do not have to provision, maintain, and scale the servers in order to run the storage, application, and database systems. Serverless technologies offer the execution of most common tasks like exporting objects, delivery of notifications and downloading the file backups. All in all, serverless architecture is one of the many trends that will bring a dramatic change in the approach towards web development.
What Makes It So Good
• It is super easy to be deployed.
• It also improves the scalability.
• The approach very well reduces the budgets of development and ongoing support.
• It also strengthens the architecture of the app.
• You can enjoy enhanced flexibility.

8. Constant Integration As Well As Deployment

In this digital era, we are living in continuity, and speed plays a crucial role in each and every business as well as sector. The world of web development is no different. In the web development world, in fact, the delivery of updated, smooth, and speedy services is of topmost priority. As it is one of the many vital aspects of the web development world, this approach will definitely be implemented by many software development companies.
What Makes It So Good
• The changes in smaller codes are comparatively more straightforward.
• The process of fault isolation gets pretty quick and simple.
• With the help of a quick feature introduction, the improvement of the product is rapid.
• MTTR (Meantime To Resolution) becomes shorter because of the quick isolation of fault and smaller changes in codes.
• Because of the specific and small changes, there is a significant improvement in the testability. The smaller changes allow much more precise positive as well as negative tests.
• The time elapsed in the detection and correction of production escapes becomes shorter because of the fast rate of release.

9. Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology in Web Development
In the year 2020, the industry of cloud services generated approximately a revenue of $40 Billion, thus taking the market value to a humongous $266.4 billion from $227.8 billion in the year 2019 that is approximately a growth of 17 percent in a matter of one year. These figures are clear proof that cloud technology will be the king in the paradigm of web development services. You can expect the cloud vendors like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google will be continuing to take a lot more cash because of cloud technology.
Cloud technology has a plethora of incredible features to offer when it is about data storage, like flexibility, scalability, and security. Taking into consideration the all-time threat from hackers that leads to the security breach, the organizations will focus a lot on ensuring that they take measurable steps in order to safeguard sensitive data so as to avoid data breaches and any other thing that will be comprising the privacy of their data.
Kubeless, Oracle Fn Project, Auth0 Webtask, Iron Functions, Alibaba Function compute, IBM OpenWhisk, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and AWS Lambda are some of the leading cloud services.
What Makes It So Good
• It offers much more security as compared to the local servers.
• It requires a lot less money and is thus a money saver.
• With cloud technology, you get a lot more control over your documents.
• Cloud technology is super easy to implement and also enhances the work-life balance.

10. 5G Technology

5G Technology in Web Development
5G is basically the fifth generation of the cellular networks that will be bringing new abilities and develop a plethora of opportunities for society, businesses, organizations as well as people. Even when it comes to the world of web development, it is pretty safe to say 5G will be the ruler. With the increasing need for enhanced and efficient services, faster connectivity has become the need of the hour. In the year 2021, the developers can expect the technology of 5G to become a trend for all the obvious reasons. By deploying new radio frequencies and the speed that reaches 100 Gbps, it is around 100 times faster in comparison to the 4G networks. The experts in the industry of software development predict that it will be leading the standard level of data transmissions with over 1.4 billion devices across the globe in the upcoming 5 years.
The technology of 5G is designed for apps that are computer-intensive like video streaming in 4K, virtual reality, and augmented reality. The developers that are pretty much interested in the creation of features and designs that will enhance the business performance will be finding this technology very useful. With the capability and promise of offering a faster network and improved data transmission, the technology of 5G will undoubtedly be an incredible contender for the best trends in web development in the year 2021.
What Makes It So Good
• It has incredible transmission speeds to offer.
• The development of 5G will be lowering the latency.
• You will be able to connect a greater number of devices.
• 5G will be empowering you with data slicing.
• It has improved coverage and availability to offer.
• 5G will be offering enhanced capacity.

11. Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed Reality
The incredible combination of Virtual Reality (VR) with Augmented Reality (AR) is called Mixed Reality (MR). AR combines the user’s physical environment with digital content, whereas VR creates a mesmeric user experience. MR is turning the tables by its ability to overlay digital information on the physical environment on a real-time basis and thus creates numerous possibilities for augmented reality. This combination of VR and AR can offer a plethora of content that consumers can find engaging. It is also helping the businesses by providing their customers with an option to virtually try their products. What is more, it has proved incredible for businesses to train their employees for complex jobs virtually. So the valuation of MR will definitely be increasing in the upcoming years.
What Makes It So Good
• With Mixed Reality, you can create apps that have a People-first approach.
• It gets super easy to share both real-world as well as a virtual workspace.
• This approach will be enhancing the concept of remote experts.

12. Blockchain

Blockchain technology in Web Development
As soon as it entered the market, Bitcoins created a revolution and shook the entire market. Not only that, but Bitcoin has opened up a gate for the world of web development as well. By year, the Blockchain technology market is expected to touch $57.641 billion by the year 2025, according to a report by Cision PR Newswire. This is an impressive 69.4% CAGR between the years 2019 and 2025. Cryptocurrencies such as Ether and Bitcoins have proved themselves to be a head-turner and made us observe Blockchain technology. Blockchain is basically a peer-to-peer network and has a massive impact on enterprise systems. It provides security features, transparency, distributed ledger, and decentralization. The smart contracts that run on blockchain networks are transparent and tamper-proof and thus trustworthy and secure. Its execution is irreversible and thus makes the administration of the contract much more effortless.
What Makes It So Good
• Blockchain has decentralization to offer.
• It is super secure and transparent.
• Its immutability is incredible.
• Blockchain can very well secure the IoT (Internet Of Things).
• It can also improve supply chain management and also identity management with its distributed ledger.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

If researchers are to be believed, more than 20 billion IoT devices are going to be active as well as connected to the internet by the year 2020, which is pretty impressive. From light-bulbs to smartphones, we want everything to be smarter. All in all, the demand for smart products is rising with each passing day and will never be stopping. With the internet, smart life has become a real thing where all you have to do is pass a command. The internet is simplifying life and also making this world a smaller place to live in because of its growing enhancements. The Internet has become an integral part of our life that enriches us. IoT will definitely be ruling the world of web development for a really long.
What Makes It So Good
• It can very much improve the level of monitoring.
• You get new abilities in predicting and acting.
• It proves incredible in increasing customer dialog.
• You can easily fine-tune your products and services.
• It improves the processes of operation control.

14. MEAN-React-Vue-Flutter

The majority of the trends that are listed above just cannot be implemented without a particular technological stack. But with numerous libraries and frameworks that are available in the market, which of these will be frequently used?
MEAN is an open-source and free JavaScript software stack in order to build dynamic web apps and websites. This is because all the components of the MEAN stack can support the programs that are written in JavaScript. The MEAN applications can be written in a single language for client-side as well as server-side execution environments.
MEAN stack is amongst the super popular ones that include
• A Database – MongoDB
• A Web Framework- React.js
• A Front-End Framework – Vue.js
• A Front-End Framework – Angular
• Flutter For Web
React Library can play a crucial role and can be used frequently as the replacement for the Angular in the MEAN stack that enables easier and faster implementation of the changes so that various developers can choose it over the Angular. React is basically a front-end, open-source JavaScript library to build UI (User Interface) components. Facebook and the community of individual developers, as well as companies, maintain it.
Vue.js is a model-view-ViewModel, open-source, and front-end JavaScript framework in order to build single-page apps and user interface.
Angular is an open-source web app that is TypeScript-based and is led by Google’s Angular Team as well as the community of corporations and individuals.
The last famous solution on our list is Flutter for the Web. Flutter is basically a software development kit with an open-source UI that is developed by Google that is used in the development of applications for Google Fuchsia, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and also the web from one codebase. It also helps in offering high-quality work of the web apps on the devices, and thus, it stands high in the ratings by the web developers.
Wrapping It Up
As we have talked about the upcoming new trends in web development in the year 2021, it is pretty obvious that it is super tough to chase all of them as the trends keep changing super fast. But it is vital to keep a check on the latest trends in web application development and try all of them out. When you follow the current trends in web development, it becomes easy to please your users with a top-tier experience that will be improving the web app ranking and will open gates to new markets for the services you provide as well as becoming the first choice for many.
In general, each and every trend in web development deserves your attention and focus. Some of these will be continuing even in the next decade, like MR, Voice Bots, IoT, etc, while others will be a trend for a period of a few months. Do not hesitate in implementing these trends in the project as quickly as possible.
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