Through mobile e-learning apps, schools can provide students with a broader view of learning. Apps for smartphones nowadays use cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality. As an alternative to memorizing facts, students can just explore a story in the app. In the education field, technology allows users to experience a variety of things. With the e-learning industry growing in popularity, more companies will be investing in educational solutions. Hence, now is the best time to learn the basics of Edtech app development.
We will discuss Edtech app development fundamentals such as the must-have features, kind of apps, cross-platform development, and monetization strategies, and how you can use them to hire the right Edtech app development company.

The Global Education Industry Will Probably Affect Your Business in the Future:-

Global Education Industry

    •  Ten million users are expected to access EdTech in the near future.

    •  Market size for EdTech and smart classrooms is expected to grow 16.1% annually from USD 85,818 million in 2020 to USD 181,265 million by 2025.

    •  Expenditures for global education are expected to reach $8 trillion in 2025.

    •  The digital education market is projected to grow to $342b by 2025

    •  Globally, the education software market is expected to generate around 10.4 billion U.S. dollars in revenues by 2024, with 11.3 billion dollars predicted.


Technological Trends that Will Drive the Modern Day EdTech

latest trends of edtech development


With the advent of e-learning, we now have easy access to the curriculum outside of the four walls of the classroom. In addition, adding flexibility to schedules fits into everyone’s schedule and allows for a balanced approach to work and study.

Blockchain Technology

In edtech, blockchain implementation due to its added value will be the next big thing. In order to eliminate fake diploma scams, universities, colleges, and schools must emphasize the importance of authentic degrees earned by students.

Video-Assisted Learning

Edtech has already been profoundly affected by video-assisted learning. Due to the increase in visual literacy among the student generation, educators are looking forward to video assistance to capture mass attention and increase student engagement.

Big Data

With big data, online learning will undergo a revolution with curriculum planning, IT operations, and individualized learning processes. Students’ performance would be easy to measure and participation in educational institutions would increase.

AR &VR Immersive Learning

Immersive AR and VR learning facilitate the learning process by enabling learners to interact with each other without the use of textbooks and conventional methods. Immersive learning through AR and VR is regarded as a medium to assist students in retaining information.
Thus, it is imperative for you to seek that the company you select for your Edtech App development is aware of the latest trends and the developers are proficient to work in coherence with the latest trends of edtech development

Things To Consider Before Hiring the top Edtech Apps Development Company

Search for Happy Clients and Good Portfolio

1. Search for Happy Clients and Good Portfolio

Portfolios can be used to determine technical expertise, project themes, business domains, and other factors. You may want to ask the company if they have worked on many projects similar to yours in the past. With EdTech app development already under their belt, a mobile app development company with EdTech experience will know the ins and outs of the trade. By looking at their previous work, you can get an idea of their experience and skillsets.
Testimonials are another important element. The client contact list can be requested to confirm the project and technology. Make sure the company has completed the client’s project list. When a client is satisfied, you should move on to the next step. To see the rating of your future app development partner and read honest client reviews, you should check out business search portals such as Clutch and upCity.

2. Security of the App Idea

Businesses and entrepreneurs face the biggest threat today from the leakage of app ideas and concepts. Recently, several low-quality clones appeared in-app marketplaces before the original due to the weak security measures used by mobile app development companies.
The IT firm a company or entrepreneur hires to design and develop their enterprise mobile apps must adhere to stringent security guidelines. It is important to keep the app idea and concept secret before releasing it to the app stores. A non-disclosure agreement should be signed by the app development company to ensure the confidentiality of the concept and idea.

3. Effective Delivery Management

It has been reported that many enterprises and companies were not informed about the progress of their mobile app development projects. A communication breakdown between the client and their development company has led to clients finding their finished mobile app completely irrelevant to their requirements.
In order to develop mobile apps that are effective and faultless, the company must always keep its clients updated. Communication regarding the app development process ensures on-time delivery of the final product.
Study the company’s transparency policy and product development cycle. When errors and changes are requested, the feedback loop and quick actions play a crucial role. Ensure that the program is being developed using an agile methodology, which can enhance communication and speed up development. To keep the client informed of the progress of a project, a daily or weekly status report is helpful.

4. App Designing compatible with market standards

A good app usually stands out from a terrible one based on the quality of its user experience (UX). Apps that succeed have excellent user experiences. Modern mobile users expect apps to load quickly, be easy to use, and delight them with their interaction. Your app must be more than a pretty face if you want to be successful. A successful app is essential to the success of your product.
As EdTech app users will come from all demographics, the interface and navigation must be designed with extra care. The app should be accessible to school-going children with minimal supervision. If the app is for a specialist course, then only relevant recommendations should appear rather than jargon unrelated to the course.

5. Trusted QA and Testing Measures

A test drive is a must if you’re purchasing a car. For testing purposes, use the same approach as before and request app access from previous apps. Once you have tested with trusted companies you can conduct your own user testing.
Apps that are regularly interrupted lose their appeal to users. To that end, only excellent development methods and design can be effective. Development companies must use the most up-to-date manual and automated Quality Assurance and testing methods to ensure that the final product is free of technical problems and defects by the time it reaches the app stores.
Poor voice quality in an Edtech app, for instance, can result in frustration and mental fatigue. The same is true for asynchronous apps. You may lose the course progress.

Real Cost of Edtech App Development

Real Cost of Edtech App Development
You may want to know the cost of your future app once you’ve completed your business plan and product. From super small projects to multiyear ones, we’ve handled dozens of them and know what constitutes app development costs. Here are some examples:

    •  The platform you choose – Web, Android, and iOS are the 3 most popular platforms. When you choose two platforms at once, you will have to pay twice as much because each platform requires a different programming language.

    •  Software development costs – In addition to hiring a proper team of developers, the project must be managed properly. The hourly rates of developers will differ according to where they are located. 


    •  Scope of work – Obviously, the more complex the application you want to build – the longer and more expensive the development process will be. 

    •  Design – For every edtech startup, creating an educational app that is user-friendly and sophisticated is a challenge. There is no doubt that this cycle is lengthy and expensive, but it is the most important. Apps with intuitive and modern interfaces are preferred by consumers, especially if they are using them for academic purposes rather than for fun.

    •  Project Management – At first glance, it may seem unnecessary, but it is essential. If you can, leave the project management to the professionals, since any mistake here can cost you a lot.

    •  Quality Assurance (QA) – This is a critical area for technology projects. It is important to thoroughly test the applications before release in order to find and fix bugs before release so that the product comes to market flawlessly.


How to Monetize the Educational App?

As we’ve talked about costs and money, we should think about how your edtech app can generate revenue. A running market has three main strategies: freemium, advertisements, and paid applications. Making money from the developed product is possible by selecting one of them or connecting two.
How to Monetize the Educational App

    •  Freemium – This is a common business model for all apps. To use the advanced features, users must subscribe. Educational apps are no different.

    •  Advertisements – Apps are most commonly monetized through ads, especially if they’re free.

    •  Paid app – Clients pay for advancements and the use of an educational app.


The Bottom Line

It is important to put your money in the right place when choosing the best mobile app development company. You should also consider the above considerations before making an investment.
An EdTech app on-demand is a significant advantage for the eLearning market. Schools and educational institutions are becoming more reliant on elearning and tutor search apps as the world becomes more digital. Now is the time to fire up your Edtech boosters if you have ever had an idea that has the potential to take the world by storm.
Creating an EdTech app isn’t just about brainstorming, developing, and launching. Our round-the-clock maintenance and support services facilitate new features and improvements. Thanks to Zestminds app solutions, your eLearning solutions will stay mobile, current, competitive, and profitable for years to come. For any queries, you can contact us at
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