Over the years, we have learned a lot from building custom mobile apps. However, perhaps the most important lesson is how to hire a mobile app developer. To hire a good programmer, you first need to know what sort of programmer you need.
Information and technology are constantly evolving. Technology is rapidly changing, just as end-user demands and desires are. In recent years, Kotlin development has been greatly expanded. Kotlin’s rapid growth also creates a demand for developers who are dedicated to it.
First, let’s be clear about what Kotlin is is, before tackling tips for hiring Kotlin developers? The advantages of Kotlin for future Android development.
Kotlin was one of the most loved programming languages in 2019, according to a survey report published by stack overflow. Kotlin has been selected by Google as the top language for developing Android apps in May 2019. It is very concise – yes, Kotlin will require less coding both when typing, checking, and maintaining as compared to other languages. This is why you should prefer Kotlin and hire Kotlin programmers.
The aim of this article is to give you some tips on what to look for in a Kotlin development company and how to find top talent.

So, Before Anything Else, What is Kotlin?

The Kotlin programming language integrates Object-Oriented and Functional Programming capabilities with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Essentially, it focuses on interoperability, security, transparency, and the tools. Hiring a dedicated team allows you to take on challenges with the greatest ease and pace.
Why prefer Kotlin before others?
Why prefer Kotlin before others
Kotlin is preferred over other languages and we hire dedicated developers for three main reasons.

1. Opting for Kotlin Minimizes the Efforts in Coding

Kotlin is renowned for its compactness and conciseness. The quicker you can reach the market, the less time you spend coding. Development is more creative and effective, while costs decline.
As compared to Java, Kotlin development reduces the number of lines of code by 40 percent. The code can be modified easily and reliably.

2. Kotlin is More Secure without a Doubt

The framework protects against misconfigurations and device crashes caused by typical programming errors. Java is more likely to recur for certain types of errors. By using this, you can create a more stable program. Hiring Kotlin developers ensures safety.

3. It is an open-source language

The Kotlin programming language has been open-source since 2012, and it has been updated continuously. The language gained its secure release on March 3, 2020. The Kotlin community is unquestionably an added benefit when you hire Kotlin developers.

What is Kotlin Used For?

What is Kotlin Used For
The JetBrains Kotlin programming language is cross-platform. Over the past few years, it has grown considerably and is a popular programming language for mobile applications. Kotlin is commonly used for the following purposes.

Android App Development

Android apps are now preferred to be developed in Kotlin, according to Google. In the Play Store, it is thought that approximately 70% of the top 1000 applications use it. As Kotlin offers more safety features and allows for more efficient coding, it is preferred by many developers for developing mobile apps.

Website Back-Ends

Kotlin is now used as the backend for 47% of websites developed today.  

What to Look for When Hiring a Kotlin Developer

Hiring a Kotlin Developer
In terms of hiring Kotlin developers, you should consider their experience, rates, and types of arrangements. In addition, you will need the skills for the type of project you have.

Kotlin Required Skills

Kotlin developers are expected to possess the following skills:

    •  Procedural programming

    •  Lambda functions

    •  Null safety

    •  Kotlin as a scripting language

    •  Objects, classes, and abstract classes

    •  Java Experience

Kotlin developers should have some experience with the following:

    •  Android app development

    •  Website back-end scripting

    •  Data storage on memory-limited devices

    •  Object-oriented programming (OOP)

    •  Functional programming

    •  The unique features of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

    •  Kotlin’s standard library and the Java Class Library

    •  Testing and debugging Kotlin programs

    •  Enterprise, commercial, and open-source projects


The Hard Skills of the Best Kotlin developers

It is important to consider the technical skills of Kotlin developers before hiring them to work on Android apps, a website’s back-office, or for any other purpose. These are listed in order of importance.
technical skills of Kotlin developers

Excellent Knowledge of both Kotlin and Java

When seeking Kotlin developers, it seems obvious to have some expert knowledge of the language; why then add Java? Since Kotlin is most commonly used with Java, most Kotlin projects also incorporate Java. Over 86 percent of developers using Kotlin also use Java regularly, according to JetBrains. More so, most Kotlin developers are former Java developers – thanks to some wonderful features missing in Java, like native support for optional and less code necessary to achieve similar results, they switch to Kotlin.
Proficiency in XML
Android and web development rely heavily on XML markup language, as it assists with both app/site layout and parsing data from the database/server. Unless your new developer is familiar with XML and how Kotlin connects to it, your new developer is of no use.
Experience with SQL and Linux
It is especially vital for Kotlin developers to possess these two skills to work on website backends. You should also hire someone with experience in AWS, REST, and Apache Kafka. Consult a software consultant or other developers in your team about what other tools you might need.
Experience with Android Studio and other Android tools
When you are planning to hire Kotlin developers in order to build a mobile Android application, there are many tools available to you. The main consideration is Android Studio; however, there are other environments that might be useful, including Firebase and Toolbar. You can also use tools such as Espresso for automated testing.

Most Important Kotlin Developer Soft Skills

The modern workplace requires more than just a technical skillset. For Kotlin developers to get the results your business needs, they must often collaborate with other developers and different teams. The developer can improve a product significantly through interactions with all these people, whether innovating the product or simply improving how well it meets the needs of customers.
Most important Kotlin developer soft skills
You should think about these soft skills when hiring Kotlin developers for your company in order to foster good teamwork.
Researcher Attitude
It is crucial to follow current trends in mobile if you want your app to stay at the top of the charts. A new design and feature are added to your app regularly by following current trends, and according to what is popular with customers. This is essential both from a design and functionality perspective. Getting ahead of your competition with Kotlin development might be possible if your developers keep an eye on the market.
Understanding of the User’s Perspective
The development of Android apps is especially important. Some mobile phone users are not familiar with how their device works, and many have little knowledge of it. To build a truly user-friendly interface, Kotlin developers must always put themselves in the shoes of a less tech-savvy person.
Expert time management and Adaptability
The developer’s job involves more than coding freely at a desk. Technical support (especially for back-end developers), new feature development (including the planning phases), running tests, and a lot more are all part of the job description. Even the best-laid plans may go wrong if a big bug or another issue arises. Once the problem is identified, Kotlin developers must quickly adapt their plans to fix it in the shortest time.
Young startups often have smaller teams, where developers must manage themselves without the help of team leaders, product owners, and IT, project managers.
Hire Kotlin developers who fit your business
Using Kotlin developers who are tailored for your business could make the development process even more effective. You need to determine their fit with your company, but how can you do that? It is important to consider three key areas.
Industry fit
Kotlin developers who already have industry experience are recommended for your project. Working with such someone means also bringing their knowledge of successful solutions within your market to bear on your project.
Product fit
Investing in Kotlin developers that have experience building products similar to your own is like investing in industry fit. Comparing their previous work with yours should yield as many similar elements as possible. You just need someone with experience in implementing features in the past that can be easily incorporated into your product to bring cohesion to your team.
Company culture fit
In addition to technical development efficiency and company culture fit, your organization will have improved teamwork and will be more innovative. It is easier to build a connection of understanding between you and your colleagues when you hire Kotlin developers who have similar values as you.

Our Kotlin App Developers Expertise

Kotlin App Developers Expertise
Our team offers reliable Android project support for ongoing Android projects, in addition to implementing Kotlin apps quickly. If you are looking for Kotlin developers to help you with your specific niche development requirements, we are here to help.

    •  Kotlin Custom App Development
    We hire Kotlin app developers to develop custom mobile applications and enterprise-grade Android apps.

    •  Dedicated Kotlin Developers
    We create robust Kotlin-based mobile applications for global clients in a variety of industries.

    •  App Migration To Kotlin
    We offer Kotlin development services to help you migrate your existing mobile applications to Kotlin for new features and enhancements.

    •  Kotlin Enterprise Apps
    We build next-generation enterprise Android apps for global businesses using Kotlin, ensuring less costly code maintenance.

    •  Kotlin App Support & Maintenance
    We never want our global customers to complain about our Kotlin app development support and maintenance services.

    •  Kotlin Integration
    For applications that integrate with cloud, APIs, backends, and more, we provide Kotlin Integration services.


Technical Skill

Technical Skill


Mobile OSes are the most popular in the world. Various open-source software and modifications to the Linux kernel. With it, you can customize every aspect of your life online. Android apps work well with it.

Kotlin MVVM

Data classes, database classes, API classes, and repository classes are all included in this package. It translates data to flow inside a View and contains the data required. ViewModels are reusable when the View does not understand computation.

Data Binding

Declarative binding is used to link UI components from layouts to a data source as an alternative to programmatic binding in apps. Your app runs better when its performance is improved.

Jetpack Library

The suite of tools and libraries makes it easy for developers to write high-quality apps. Using best practices, your code will be more focused and simplify complex tasks.


It is a platform for developing mobile and web applications. The product offers a comprehensive array of tools to help you simplify app and web development.  

Dependency Injection

In programming, it is a method that uses external entities to construct objects. Using fake implementations reduces dependency chains and simplifies testing by providing more reliable results.

Beyond Kotlin development

The technical part of your project can surely be bolstered by good Kotlin developers. If you want to take your mobile app to iOS, you’ll also need other talents on your team, like a product owner, UX/UI designer, an IT project manager, a front-end developer, or a Swift developer.
We can provide you with a wide range of talent. Our network of IT professionals consists of reliable professionals from various fields and specialties. We can connect you with the experts you need once we have discussed your project with you. These experts are specific to your industry and have previous experience with your type of product.

Wrap up

For Kotlin-based applications, it is critical to hire dedicated developers. If errors are made, an app’s productivity can be decreased, harming the company’s bottom line and wasting time and money. Let’s say you’re going to design an Android app. Using Kotlin as the programming language, you are free to use your creativity to create Android apps that overcome the limitations of the programming language. You can also hire Kotlin developers from us for projects, hourly, daily, or monthly service at
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