Top Mobile App Development Trends For Year 2021-22

Mobile App Development Trends For Year 2021

Having a high-performing and efficient mobile app is the first milestone on your path to success. The massive popularity and usefulness make mobile app technology unstoppable. What has led to an enormous increase in the demand for mobile app development services? It is the significant rise in customer preference as well as business needs.
The current mobile app development trends have also promoted the success of the mobile app industry. Entrepreneurs these days consider mobile apps and mobile app trends. They are a clear gateway in order to increase the profitability as well as the customer reach.
As stated by Statista, we can expect mobile apps to generate a revenue of over $935 billion in 2023. The mobile application developers believe that the mobile app industry is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries.
What has brought about an increase in the usability of mobile apps? The comfort of the users to get the desired services or products in just a couple of clicks. The mobile apps have more and more advanced-level features. All thanks to the emergence of the latest technologies.
One of these technologies that telecom operators and manufacturers are advocating is the usage of 5G in everyday life. Thus 5G should be a prime focus in your mind especially in today’s time. 5G is the need of the future, and hence you should be considering it with a special focus.
For the creation of a mobile app, it is imperative for mobile app developers to follow all the latest trends in the market. Here in this article, we will be checking out some of the most interesting mobile application technology trends that have the potential of leading the market in upcoming years.

The Mobile app development trends for 2021 are:-

Android Instant App

1. Android Instant Apps

The instant apps are not something new when it comes to Android application development; still, they are on their way towards popularity. The android instant applications usually allow the users to try apps or games without installing them to the device. They prevent the users from downloading the application and helps them in utilizing the web directly and quickly without even the need of installing it.
This technology is pretty helpful for games as well as eCommerce businesses. These instant applications do not take up extra space on your devices and also reduces the unnecessary interruptions in the system. The major advantages are having complete access to an Android app without even downloading it, greater storage space, incredible UI/UX design, and compatibility across various Android gadgets.

2. Blockchain Technology

With Blockchain technology, you get decentralized application development solutions that can boost transparency as well as eliminate unauthorized access and also intermediates utilization of strong protocols for security. This Android application development option is perfect specifically for financial segments such as currency exchanges, banks, and a lot more.
PWC conducted a survey, where about 84 percent of the companies across the globe actively take part in Blockchain technologies. The current app development trends put on a lot of emphasis on this thing.
Blockchain Technology
The main advantages that are provided by Blockchain Technology include:

  • 1. It decreases data loss.
  • 2. It can deploy data for the purpose of better performance in case there is a failure of the network.
  • 3. These apps are much more secure and also safer when it comes to data encryption.


3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
As cloud computing has brought about an incredible amount of strength for computing in every organization, the creation of AI models that can augment the real procedure or performing the tasks that were unthinkable earlier has now become easy. According to Accenture, present-day AI accessibility can enhance productivity by more than 40 percent.
The versatility of this solution is the strength as well as the weakness of Artificial Intelligence development. It can be applied for the purpose of automating various tasks, incorporation of image identification, data analytics, or natural language processing. Moreover, only the training process is computing-heavy. The currently trained neural network could be introduced and also utilized efficiently on smart devices without eating up the processor.

4. Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology - Mobile App Development Trends
Businesses nowadays put into use the Beacon technology on a massive scale. This is because it is helpful in targeting promising clients in a unique manner. Beacons are basically the transmitting gadgets. They can easily get connected with the mobile gadgets that are accessible in their range.
It helps businesses in sending notifications about special offers, hotels nearby, and much more to these gadgets. This has made the integration of technology in various android applications immensely popular. For businesses like restaurants and shops, such integrations can be pretty useful. The usage of iBeacon, as well as similar gadgets for the purpose of marketing, will grow rapidly by leaps and bounds.

5. 5G Technology

5G technology has been prevalent for quite a while now. The latest trends in mobile app development want the mobile applications to be compatible with 5G. Apple is not the kind of a company that will jump on the bandwagon of shiny or new technologies, but their adoption of this technology in their latest iPhone line-up can be considered as a clear symbol that we are all set to begin transferring to the era of 5G.
If few speculations are to be believed, then 5G is expected to herald the 4th Industrial Revolution. It will be changing the application development in a manner that is never seen before. Companies like Nokia believe that this is completely true. The most crucial aspect you should know about 5G is the fact that it is pretty fast.
Where 4G offers a real max transfer speed of 100 MBPS, 5G is expected to boost it tenfold. Though theoretically, it is expected to be much faster, the reality states 1 Gbps of the data transfer on an average and also a latency of 1 millisecond or even lesser. This is 300 times quicker than what a normal human eye is capable to register.
This combination of low latency and immense speed will reboot the games for the streaming services that are already mentioned, as streaming the 4K content will not become an issue and more. IoT, too, will be immensely happy, and also we have driverless vehicles, wireless health systems, and a lot more.
5G Technology
Lowell McAdam, the CEO of Verizon, in the year 2018 stated optimistically regarding the benefits that 5G will bring to the power-department of various things. He claims that 5G will empower having a battery life of about 10 years for IoT devices and for smartphones, 4 weeks on a single charge.

6. M-Commerce

Though the year 2020 did not go well for the retail sector. But if you talk about e-commerce, it was a bomb. The global pandemic of Novel Coronavirus has brought about a shift in the way we shop forever. This shift is much more in favor of e-commerce. All the businesses that relied on the offline model of retail are now suddenly forced to close or adapt and get online.
Mobile commerce or m-commerce isn’t something that should be disregarded when talking about e-commerce. Statista states that in the year 2021, m-commerce can potentially rake around $3.5 million. This makes only about 72.9 percentage of the e-commerce sales across the globe. You just cannot ignore the power of e-commerce. If your brand does not follow the mobile-first approach, then possibly in the upcoming years, your e-commerce will end up suffering CoVid- like the situation just like what offline retail faced. This will lead to a severe drop in revenue.
The question that gets raised is should the focus be on the development of a website or on app building instead. It is important to keep in mind that the older generations prefer visiting the website as they are bigger and also comparatively easy when it comes to navigation. Asking them to begin with figuring the mobile industry is probably not a great idea.
What might work great in such a situation is Progressive Web Apps – PWA. Install the responsive web pages as an app on your mobile device. The advantage that lies behind it is that you do not need the building a mobile app by using cross-platform or native technology. It thus saves a great amount of money that you can be spending somewhere else.
What makes it even better is the fact that if you think of using JavaScript as the tech stack for the purpose of developing both frontend and backend, it eases the development process. Though there might be some limitations PWAs are worth considering.

7. Subscription-Based Services


We all are well-aware of various subscription-based models like Google Workspace, Netflix, Spotify, and many others. They are evidently prospering and are also attracting many more companies to jump into this trend for providing access to their services or products through a model that is based on subscription.
For example, currently, the gaming industry is putting in massive efforts to make it a cloud industry. This will basically break the present need to continually update the hardware of a PC or purchase a new console in order to play the sophisticated titles. Mobile application development services are eager to try their hands in this field.
From NVIDIA’s GeForce Now to Microsoft’s XBOX Cloud Streaming service, there are many advances coming up. We are definitely not on the stage when the connection between the cloud-based services and devices is perfect, but the adoption of 5G should be helpful in this case.
Subscription-Based Services
It is not limited just to the console or desktop-based gaming industry. Last year, Apple launched the Apple Arcade, and now this year Google is rolling out the Google Play Pass. Even Chinese companies like Tencent, who are known to be pioneers in such innovations, are expected to bring something in the market aligned to this.
Post-Covid, serious transformation in various industries shall take place. For example, hospitality. The hotel chains could come up easily with some interesting solutions based on this technology that can motivate people for travelling at cheaper costs.

8. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality that was once considered funny has now grown and evolved into a technology that is continually showing a lot of potentials to get implemented in the daily operations of various businesses. Covid made a great impact on the way we communicate with others these days, and Augmented Reality can add more to it.
This technology can work wonders for sectors like Hospitality, Healthcare, and many others. With the combination of AR, cloud, and 5G, we can expect a mini-revolution in the healthcare industry. The tool will also prove out to be useful for CX Directors as well as marketers.

9. Event Streaming

As mentioned above, our way of interacting socially has drastically changed as the offline event industry faced a great dip because of the pandemic. There are various tools that enable online event streaming, and this will empower the larger conferences to get much bigger as well as smaller ones to develop across the globe as the internet will no longer need to book flight tickets of hefty amount, get on the plane, travel for such long hours and thousands of kilometers so as to attend a 2-day event. A custom mobile app development company will be looking out for this trend.

10. Folding Display

One of the mobile application development trends that are expected to bring about a revolution in the industry of smartphones in the year 2021 is the folding display. We have devices like Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold that pioneer this trend. This will rule smartphones in the years 2021 and 2022.
This trend will bring numerous challenges for mobile application developers. A folding display basically means that we will get to look at instant changes in the screen size according to the user action. Looking at it from the application development, you should alter each app so that it is compatible with the trend.
As the phones with foldable displays are getting more and more prominent, we can get to see an enhancement in the demand for those apps that can support the technology. Though it definitely will bring about a lot of complexity in the arena of mobile application development, it surely will also be opening much more opportunities for mobile application developers.

11. Cloud-Native

Use a cloud-first approach to write the codes in Cloud-Native software programs. This takes away the need of having a separate server in order to host the app from you. The providers of cloud-native solutions like Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS handle everything smoothly.
Cloud-native developments come with numerous benefits and advantages. For example, if you think of using the Google Cloud, you do not really have to worry about the prediction of traffic plans; you should be opting for the hosting server. This is because the serverless tooling of Google cloud will allow you to scale both up as well as down automatically on the basis of the traffic that is incoming and outgoing.
How will this help, you may ask; the most important benefit it brings to you is to cut down on the expenses. Other than these business-based benefits, there are many other benefits, especially for the developers.
The state of the world right now especially after corona is not so good. Thus, one needs to focus on edge computing, the 5G-powered future, and the cloud-native. These have reserved their top spot in the top mobile application development trends 2021.

Wrapping It Up

The mobile application development companies got a great scope in recent times. It is because of the rapid increase in the use of smartphones and the growth of digitalization. In today’s time, we are much more inclined towards convenience than any other thing.
This is where a quality mobile application plays a crucial role. It is thus a great idea to develop a mobile application after reading all the latest mobile application trends.
The trends mentioned here in this article are the prime mobile application development trends of the year 2021. But these are obviously not the only ones. In today’s time of post-COVID era, the world of technology is swiftly adapting to the current scenarios. Technology is coming up with various new solutions that aim to boost up the experience of the users. They are successful in a breakthrough of limitations set by the global quarantine.
If you are looking for a team of experts to build your mobile applications, we are here to serve you. Zestminds is a global leader and a seasoned mobile as well as web application development company. We are backed by years of experience and a team of professionals that work precisely according to your business needs. You can get in touch with us for your queries at, and we will get back to you.
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Top Mobile App Development Trends For Year 2021-22

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