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You may be surprised to learn that 39% of people find their significant others online. American adults are most likely to meet their partners via a dating app such as Tinder or a dating website such as, according to a new study from Stanford University and the University of New Mexico. As people are increasingly using their smartphones, developing mobile apps makes sense for startups.
As a result of the pandemic, everything romantic has gone online, and it’s not going to change. Before meeting with their potential partners for the first time, people prefer to video chat with them first. If it’s possible to check chemistry between you two with a dating app with video functionality, such as Bumble, Badoo, The Intro, etc., why spend time on it?
Online dating is the most popular way to find love today. Because of this, the global dating services market is growing rapidly and is projected to reach $ 8.4 billion by 2024, according to data. 7.9 billion people live on the planet, and existing services fail to address the diverse interests, age segments, and regions they represent. There could never be a better and more profitable time to launch and develop a dating app than right now.
What is the secret to building Tinder-like dating apps? With our step-by-step instructions and prices, we decided to share with you what is involved in developing a dating application.
dating apps connect people

What Exactly is a Dating App?

Dating apps connect people with common interests – romance, casual sex, or friendship – through mobile platforms. 
Users of the software can view photos and chat with each other via video calls and chat rooms.
There were dating sites at the beginning. The first and were launched in 1994 and 1995, respectively. During the era of mail-order brides, it was a revolution. Before the first website appeared, women had to register at a special agency and men received a catalog by mail to choose a bride. That seems so ancient now, doesn’t it?
Today there are 196 million people using various online dating services around the world, and that number is expected to grow by 80 million by 2024. Because of this, if you’ve been considering creating a dating app, now’s the time.

Types of Dating Apps

The number of dating portals that get created each year is about 1000. The stats indicate they aren’t only interested in finding love or dates.
Dating apps are used for a variety of reasons, including to have fun, as a leisure activity, to find friends, and more.
Your business and marketing strategy can be catered to with an innovative dating app developed by an Android or iOS application development company
As a whole, there are various types of dating apps that can be created for reaching a broader audience. Here are four of the most common types: 

  • Proximity-Based Dating Apps

Proximity-Based Dating Apps
Users of these apps can view and connect with profiles located near their geographic location. Therefore, they can contribute to the development of a closer bond between its users. 
In terms of proximity-based dating apps, Grindr, a gay dating app, is an excellent example. Reuters reports that its Chinese owner recently sold Grindr for $620 million. Grindr ranks among the most popular dating apps in the U.S., with a user base of 1.64 million.

  • Matching Algorithm Based Dating App

Based on users’ shared interests, preferences, etc., these apps create matches between them. The first time a user registers, multiple queries are presented to them, and the user is asked to choose a field of interest. Accordingly, the software offers suitable matches based on its database.
Tinder is an app renowned and widely used around the world that aims to find the right match for each user.

  • Game-Based Dating App

Game-Based Dating App
Game-based dating apps have elevated online dating to an entirely new level. Games increase the engagement level of the app and also serve as a common point of interest for the users.
Users of a game-based dating app can communicate with potential dates via texts, voice calls, video calls, etc. Hago is an example of a game-based dating app where strangers meet over a playful match on their smartphones.

  • Niche Based Dating App

Niche Based Dating App
Creating a dating app that caters to a particular audience effectively reduces competition on the market. However, it has a limited user base. 
Niche dating apps, such as those for senior citizens, dog lovers, etc., target specific demographics. Tindog, SeniorMatch, and others are examples of niche-based dating platforms. 
Features of an Advanced Dating App

Here are Features of an Advanced Dating App

Quick and Simple Sign-Up: The registration section of the app should enable users to sign up with their social media profiles, email addresses, or phone numbers.
User Profile Creation: Each dating app must offer a user a simple interface that makes it easy for them to fill in their personal information

    • Nickname

    • Self-description

    • Age

    • Gender

    • Weight

    • Ethnicity

    • Relationship status

    • Fields of interest

Dating apps allow users to add much more information to their profiles. The company developing the app, however, must also provide users with options on how to display or hide personal information based on their comfort level.
Geolocation Navigation
Geolocation Navigation: 
In the competitive market of online dating, dating apps that help users connect with nearby profiles enjoy an edge. Using it, users can share, receive, and navigate locations for real-life meet-ups and dates.
Multiple filters:
Multiple filters f dating apps
Profiles must be searchable by the users, who can filter them based on their preferences and likes. In dating apps, standard filters include fields of interest, age limits, ethnicity, and currently online.
Handling Connectivity requests: 
With simple taps on the app, users can accept, send, and reject requests from others. Dating apps also provide options for blocking notorious users. 
Match Feeds: 
Users can view and connect with the people that they have matched with via the app in this section.
Chat & Calls: 
Communication within the app should include chats and calls (both voice and video). The use of emoticons, catchy phrases, gifs, etc. is crucial for offering an outstanding user experience for online dating.
Integration of social media:
Integration of social media
 Users of dating apps who can share their social networking profiles, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., are able to develop bonds more quickly. They also boost the app’s credibility.
Trusted Payment Options: 
Payments can be integrated into the application to increase conversion. Depending on the app’s model, the user may be charged once the trial period is over or at the end of the advanced features.
Rewards & Offers: 
Only a dating app that has a lot of users can be considered successful. This means that new and existing users of the app should receive a bonus. 
Admin Dashboard: 
Dashboards for apps are only available to administrators and the managing committee. Administrators can use them to perform multiple tasks on the dating app. 
find a developer for my dating app

Where to Find a Developer for My Dating App?

It’s never easy finding a reputable and trustworthy contractor. Is it possible to perform a background check on an outsourcer?
Check out the company website and client reviews before you hire someone to develop a dating app. After that, go to platforms like Dribbble and Behance and analyze their design work closely. A company that values its reputation takes care of its online presence.
Consider outsourcing the development of a React Native dating app. Choose a company that can build two different dating apps with a single code, and native UI elements will allow the apps to perform as well as Swift and Java solutions. React Native is the best solution for testing a business idea, as it saves you time and money. 
From scratch, it takes Zestminds on average 3 months to develop a fully-functional React Native application. Once it’s done, present it to investors and get funding or share it with users and get their feedback.
You should trust your gut. Listen to your inner voice after reading a company’s blog and looking at their past projects. It is better to keep searching until you find something that makes sense about a developer.
Read below to know about how to choose a contractor and stay safe from them stealing your startup’s ideas.
Freelancers vs dedicated development team

Freelancers vs Dedicated Development Team: Whom to Choose?

Following are more details below that will help you decide whether to hire freelancers or a dedicated development agency for your dating application project. Let us make a side-by-side comparison to know which one to select from freelancers and app development companies. 


App Development Company
If you choose a reputable company for your dating app development, they will ensure that they have the resources and develop the skills needed to complete the project on time. Their main goal is to maintain the reputation of your brand name in the market. The company has enough designers, developers, and testers to work on your project as and when necessary.
However, freelancers are referred to as “jack of all trades, master of none.” They lack adequate organization and lack the services that are offered by enterprises. Due to the fact that they mostly handle everything alone, they do not have all the skills and resources necessary to complete the project. As a result, your project will eventually fail.

Commitment and Focus

App Development Company
With a dedicated development team, you’re assured that your solution will be delivered within your budget and time constraints without compromising the quality. They are focused and committed to their work.


Alternatively, freelancers work on multiple projects at the same time and manage them according to priority. Therefore, getting hold of freelancers for a project isn’t easy for stakeholders. As long as each project generates income, they are less focused and committed, and more concerned with making money.
App Development Methodology

App Development Methodology

App Development Company
App development companies, follow various methodologies based on the clients’ needs. After analyzing the project and the client’s needs, it is determined which development methodology can produce a quality and quick result.
Freelancers face a different set of challenges. It is not possible to please the client and get the work done according to expectations when they don’t follow App development methodologies accordingly.
dedicated development company responsibility


App Development Company
A dedicated development company will provide you with a team of designers and developers who will be guided by a project manager. Your project will now be completed on time and delivered by him or her. Any issues will be investigated by the project manager as soon as possible. The project manager will be responsible for maintaining constant communication with all stakeholders and providing regular updates on the project.
Using freelancers, everything will be handled by the freelancer you choose for the task. It means that a small change in plans or even finding a bug in a project can cause all the subsequent activities to be delayed. The freelancer is in charge here of everything related to your project and its delivery.
On-time Quality Deliverable

On-time Quality Deliverable

App Development Company
Hiring a dedicated development team will ensure that the focus of the project will be to get it completed within the deadline all the while ensuring quality. A good app development company will have enough skilled employees to handle your project, as shown above. Thus, there will be no delays in your project and it will be completed on time.
Due to the fact that freelancers’ quality of work is rarely up to market standards, and they often fail to meet deadlines, things are much different with freelancers. As far as knowledge of different projects is concerned, they have limited experience. Skills, too, are limited. Because of this, they prepare for all issues that will arise during the project, causing delays.

Use of Right Tools

App Development Company
The work of a development company is executed with the help of enterprise-grade project management tools. Your project can easily be scaled up or down based on the scope of the project.
In the case of freelancers, however, they do not use such tools. The freelancer cannot be expected to do more than what is specified in the contract. Clients will be delayed by this method if they want updates on the project.


App Development Company
Comparatively to freelancers, a company has a high success rate. Due to a proper setup of information technology, you can easily hire skilled and experienced programmers for your project. The company can easily expand its team or replace its developer according to the project requirements if they need to add a new developer to the project, or if they’re not satisfied with the existing one’s work.
Similarly, if you run into the same problem with freelancers, you would have to go through the process of finding and hiring a new freelancer or freelance developer for your project. In turn, your project would be delayed, which could result in uncertainty. The overall process will almost certainly cost you money.
App development company - NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

App Development Company
When an app development company gives you complete ownership of your project, they sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). This means that you are protected by a non-disclosure agreement.
There are no such contracts for freelancers, but for reasons of security, they sign some papers. In essence, you cannot be sure of the safety and security of your app when you hire freelancers. Working with freelancers means that you are responsible for ensuring the security of your project.

Use of Trending Technologies

top skills of mobile app developers
App Development Company
A company that develops apps always uses the latest technologies to meet the client’s requirements. They keep their clients on top of the list by doing this. Their designers and developers are trained to keep up with the changing technologies, and they hire the right people to keep their resources up-to-date.
Currently, most of the freelancers in the market lack experience and skills, and they often do not even have knowledge about the latest technological advances. As a result, when you choose such developers for your project, it could have a huge impact on the outcome.
Support and Maintenance
App Development Company
In addition to providing you with proper maintenance and support services once the project development is completed, the development team will also maintain the project for you. After the free trial period is over, the client will be able to subscribe to the service after which the service will continue to be free.
The freelancer will not be able to provide you with this. If you want maintenance and support service from freelancers, you need to pay an additional fee for it.
hire an app development company for your dating app development

What features to look for in a Dating App Development Company?

So, as you can see it is always better to hire an app development company for your dating app development. The reasons for the same are stated above. 
You can find the best dating app with a leading mobile application development company. A reputed app development company should have a talented team of developers who design dating applications that combine imagination with innovation. The key is to keep your requirements and specifications in mind. A full-proof dating app will also be built to keep a check on your competitors.
Our team of professionals is waiting to help you turn your dream into a reality if you want to develop the very best dating app. App development companies we work with development solutions that are only limited by the sky.
 If you are interested in creating a dating app, do not hesitate to contact us, since our technical team will provide the information required.
Factors that help selecting a reputed App Development Company

Factors that help selecting a reputed App Development Company for your Dating App.

Latest Tools and Techniques
A reputable App Development Company uses the latest technologies and tools to develop dating apps near you. These tools and technologies ensure the lowest costs for the development of your dating app.
Experienced professionals.
It is the responsibility of a reputed App Development Company to form a team of dating app developers over the years with exceptional skills, having a wide range of experience in the creation of dating apps. Having a dating app produced by an expert is something that you can be assured of.
Customized Solutions
We are one of the renowned App Development Companies that have designers who can build each pixel of the dating app from scratch with a custom design. A custom template can be designed from the workflow of the application to the aesthetics of the GUI so that it meets all your dating app requirements.
Timely delivery
An efficient design and development team at a reputed app development company ensures your app is delivered on time. They ensure that you are given a project schedule and follow it until your project is delivered.
Cost-effective Solutions
A leading mobile app company promises the most cost-effective solutions. A reputable dating app development solution offers great returns and is cost-effective.
Transparent communication
If you are looking for a dating app development company near you, Zestminds ensures that you are in the loop. When building your mobile dating app, the company keeps you updated throughout the app development process and considers all of your suggestions.
Excellent support.
The dating app development company near you supports your app 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The team of mobile app developers makes sure your mobile app is up and running at all times.
You must sign a non-disclosure agreement with a reputed App Development Company in order to ensure that your company data and source code do not get shared. Data confidentiality is a top priority for a proficient app development company.

What Are the Cost-Driving Factors of Developing an Online Dating App?

Several factors will affect the cost of developing and launching a complete dating app, including process-related, geographical, technological, and post-development aspects.
The factors below will help you estimate the cost of developing a dating app.
Cost-Driving Factors of Developing an Online Dating App

    • Prototype

    • Design

    • Development of Native Apps

    • Testing

    • Integration of APIs

    • Distribution

    • Maintenance

A dating app can cost several thousand dollars to prototype, design, and develop. There can also be geographical differences as it may be more affordable to hire an app development company from a south Asian country like India rather than going with a service provider from a country like the United States, UK, or Australia.
Although API integration always increases the costs of your project, your application will also be more efficient and save time.
The two most crucial post-development factors are distribution and maintenance. If you are planning the budget for the development of your dating app, be sure not to overlook either of the processes.
Benefits Of Dating App Development
Researchers found that people use dating apps for more than 1.5 hours per day. Clearly, you can earn profits by creating your own dating app. Dating apps are becoming more popular among a broader audience base as smartphones and internet access become more widely available.
Initially, you can offer free registration where users can use the application’s general features while they wait for the application to be approved. To access the app’s special features, users must pay a fixed fee afterward. Additionally, premium apps can be launched where users can access all of the apps’ features without any advertising. A fixed charge may also be paid by users to upgrade their profiles if they wish to get the most exposure. Another benefit of premium apps is the ability to swipe unlimited times. Here are a few of the benefits of dating apps:
Higher User Retention
During the initial launch of a dating app, the interaction rate of the users determines the retention rate. Getting your users’ attention a few times is not as important as building long-term relationships. The popularity of dating apps is steadily rising due to the fact that they offer a modern alternative to meeting people.
Lots of Monetization Opportunities
Multiple monetization strategies are used in the dating app. There are many ways to monetize your app, including property monetizing, in-app advertising, and services from third parties. Apps of this type can easily be designed by our mobile app development company.
Huge User-Base
Dating apps are just growing in popularity, so it isn’t surprising. An effective dating app is suited to a wide variety of preferences, demographics, and ages.
Buiness Branding and Marketing
Business Branding and Marketing
Your company can enhance its brand and promote its products and services by developing a dating app. This application has millions of followers, which can be used to enhance the digital presence of the company.
Higher Revenue
Your business will generate great revenue from the dating app development. A dating app developed by Zestminds is very affordable, which ensures maximum returns on investment.
Making People Confident
People can improve their public image by using dating apps. Although dating apps are mainly designed for people who want to have regular conversations, they are also very useful for those who are looking for partners.


1. How much does dating app development cost by the dating app development company near me?

The dating app development cost depends entirely on the in-depth functionality the owner of the dating app requires: the more features and customization, the more expensive the dating app development will be.
2. How do I know about the project progress done by the dating app development company near me?
Before we start the dating app development, our team will share the product execution plan. It covers milestone release information along with the date and you will receive a development connection for testing the application on each milestone release. You can contact the technical manager and product owner directly at any time for any questions or inquiries.
3. Do your dating app development company provide native apps or cross-platform apps?
For all your needs related to dating app development, Zestminds is a one-stop solution. We do provide both native apps and cross-platform apps based on your needs.

To Sum Things Up

In 2021, you may want to consider starting your startup in the dating app market. We learned through the pandemic that online services crave new features such as video messages and calls, and mutual online activities (perhaps watching a movie together in an app). If you’ve been thinking about developing an app like Tinder, now is a perfect time.
Zestminds is one of the notable companies that has developed several on-demand dating app development solutions that you can choose from if you are searching for the best dating app 2021.

In addition to changing the world, technology has changed our daily lives as well. Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives. Numerous applications are available on the market that improves our daily lives. Technology also interferes with the personal relationship given that you can instantly connect with your loved ones anytime you want.

Therefore, online dating applications connect people with their soulmates or with the right partner for a successful relationship. Contact us right away by mailing us at we will be more than happy to assist you.

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